Today, I am grateful for the rain. While I prefer warm weather and blue skies, I know that we need the rain. I live in a part of the world that is always either in a drought or just coming out of one; we have been desperate for rain for some time now.

Rain has a way of refreshing and resetting things – everything just feels cleaner, and the world feels a bit quieter and more reflective to me, too. Also, when the rain goes away, I personally have a whole new appreciation of the warm weather and clear days that I normally take for granted.

Rain also helps things to grow. While the clouds may temporarily block my view of the sun, I know that the sun still exists beyond the clouds. Even though I can’t see the sun, I understand that the rain provides nourishment that our world needs in order for growth and life to continue. In time, the sun will emerge again, and while there will be those people who struggle with the major or minor inconveniences of such weather – navigating slippery roads, being caught umbrella-less by the sudden arrival of the rain, or stepping full-on into a puddle with the wrong kind of shoe – I hope that most of us will be grateful to experience something different, so we can appreciate what we had before the rain came.

So here is my prayer for today: Gracious God, thank You for Your continued faithfulness.  You know that we need rain in my part of the world, and You have graciously sent it, and have done so for several days now. Thank You for the change in season – reminding me of the passage of time, as well as the cycle of life. Help me to remember that – as I go through my own challenging “rainy season” in my own life – it is just a season, and that the sun will come out again. Thank You for refreshing my spirit, and for making everything around me fresh and new again. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. Your writings quite beautiful it has a simple relaxing feel to it heightened by the gratitude you talk about. I’m not religious although I did grow up attending church so it’s still woven into my identity and morals. I do volunteer (soon to work) in the natural environment and it does make you appreciate the simple beauties in life. I think sometimes you can feel yourself grow quite bitter and lose faith in existence and it’s good to just be humbled and grounded by the little things. Definitely following.I think their needs to be more blogs like yours. People are too cynical in this life.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words! Your comments are a real blessing to me, and I appreciate your taking the time to write. I also agree with what you say: When life gets hard, we have to anchor ourselves in gratitude over the “little things” (big ones, too) that we tend to take for granted each day. Thanks again!


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