Today, I am deeply grateful for a particular psalm that touched my heart – Psalm 121. It begins so poignantly: “I lift up my eyes to the mountains. Where does my help come from?” It goes on to reassure me that the Lord keeps His watchful eye on every aspect of my life. He promises to protect me from life’s harms, but not necessarily to save me from them completely. Put another way, I can be protected during a storm by remaining inside a house, but I will still experience the effects of the storm – I’ll hear the wind blow, and my feel the rain lash against the building. Yes, I am protected, but life’s challenges will still come, and the Lord promises to be with me every step of the way.

I am going through a turbulent storm right now – and have done so for several months now – but what a comfort it is to me to know that the very God who created the universe, knows all things, and holds all things together keeps His eye upon me and promises to never leave me alone. It is scary at times, when I’m walking by faith – and all around me seems to be in shambles – but I must remember that the very definition of faith is not relying on my own abilities and perceptions! What a hard-learned (and oft-repeated) lesson in my life.

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thank You for the comfort that Your Holy Spirit promises and provides through the Bible – particularly in Psalm 121. Thank You for the reminder that when all seems to be lost, hope still remains! Remind me to “lift my eyes up to the mountains” – away from my circumstances – and place the matter wholly in Your capable hands. Help me to remember that – while You may choose to answer prayer in different ways – my help always and ultimately comes from You. Finally, give me Your perspective on my circumstances – that perhaps You have permitted these trials in my life – and my inability to solve them on my own – so I can look to You solely for my hope and deliverance. Thanks for your relentless faithfulness to me, even though I have frequently strayed from You and Your love. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

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