Zoom, Zoom

Today, I am grateful for something very important in my life: My car!

I am thankful for such reliable transportation – especially since my car has been paid off for a couple of years now.

I live in a part of the world where a car is absolutely necessary. You simply cannot get from point A to point B on public transportation, unless time really isn’t an issue. So often, I take for granted the fact that I own my car outright, and that I literally can get up and go somewhere whenever I feel so inclined. I also live in a place that is chock full with natural beauty, so there’s lots to do and see, too. I understand that everyone isn’t able to enjoy such privileges. 

Do I drive the fanciest car around? No. Do I still have to pay for maintenance? Yes (tragically, my water pump broke earlier this year – a costly repair, indeed!). Still, I’d rather maintain my paid-off car than have to deal with buying and paying off something new.

So, here is my brief prayer today: Thank You, God, for my car! We’re 80,000 miles in already; Lord willing, may my odometer register many more miles in the years to come. The Bible says that all good things come from You – and while my car certainly has its quirks, it’s definitely is a good thing. Thanks for giving me the freedom to travel around as needed, and for giving me safe passage as I go about my business each day. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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