Hold On

I came across this tree today and was quite struck by it: The leaves weren’t green, and I observed that green leaves serve several purposes (helping to generate oxygen, for instance). This is one season.

Also, I noticed that the leaves hadn’t yet died and fallen to the ground, where they would serve another purpose (helping to nurture the soil). This is another season.

Instead, these leaves are boldly and resolutely yellow, and are still clinging to the tree. This is yet a different season – an in-between time – and it must serve an important purpose, too.

Right now, I am in a season of yellow leaves – a protracted time of in-between, where I’m not sure quite how everything will work out. It has been difficult.

Yet, there has been a purpose in this time. Like the yellow leaves, I am hanging on by my faith and precious little else. My faith says, “Cling to the Tree. It may be tough to hang on, but the Tree will provide all that you need to survive.”

I also take comfort in the fact that there are lots of yellow leaves on the tree – an important reminder that I am never truly alone in my struggles. Scores of people are fighting to hold on each day, even as the wind and rain lash against the tree and its leaves.

So, I am thankful for the reminder that the Lord is the Tree, I am the leaf, and He’s not going anywhere, despite the changes in my circumstances. The Tree also has resources (the roots) that I cannot see with my naked eye. The Tree also is tall and firm, so that His perspective is more elevated and more reliable than my own, and His many branches give Him reach and access to valuable resources that I can’t even begin to fathom. 

Therefore, my choice is to trust the Tree during my yellow-leaf season, hold on, and believe that He will meet my needs each day, according to His timing and purposes.

Here is my prayer for today: Lord, thank You for being our ultimate and only Source for all that we need. Thank You also for the changing seasons of life, which remind me to hold on and draw near to You, rather than pull away and trust in my own limited understanding. Thanks for always being here, and for generously attending to my needs each day, despite these challenging in-between times. My hope is in You, and not in my changing circumstances. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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