Just, Kind & Humble

Today, I am grateful for this simple reminder from the Bible, in the book of Micah. Sometimes, in my own faith journey, I tend to complicate things that God has already made straightforward and clear. However, according to this passage, God wants my relationship with Him (and others) to be remarkably simple. Essentially, He asks me to do the following:

  • Be just in my dealings with others;
  • Be kind in my interactions with those who cross my path; and
  • Model humility, rather than showcasing an inflated view of myself and my accomplishments. 

As I mentioned before, I tend to make things much more complicated than this, but God always has a funny way of bringing things back to the fundamentals (Jesus also beautifully modeled all of these attributes when He walked the earth).  So, I am thankful for these important reminders in Scripture – justice, kindness and humility – but marvel at how countercultural this biblical mandate is. Generally speaking, our world values things more than people; power more than compassion; and concern for self far more than genuine regard for others.  This ought not be so! 

Such a mindset draws my attention to what I don’t have, and/or on what others have that I want for myself. In doing so, I inevitably cultivate an attitude of ingratitude, and this grieves the heart of God. 

So here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thank You for this important reminder from the Bible. Help me to view those around me through these three lenses: Justice, kindness, and humility. Please help me to do right to others, even when they do not do right to me; to be kind to others, even when they are not kind to me; and to be humble, even when others do not show humility toward me. I confess my failures in these areas, and I thank You for forgiving me when I have failed to demonstrate justice, kindness, and humility to You and others in my circle of influence. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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