The Gift of Song

Today, I am grateful for the gift of music. When you think about it, music surrounds us each and every day – in reality, there’s no place we can go to escape its influence. Personally, I am grateful for music, because I had the privilege to study piano for 12 years and also spend a couple of challenging years studying the violin (the violin and I soon parted ways. We realized that we were not a good fit for each other). To me, music affects the heart, mind, and spirit in a way that words alone cannot. It also allows my mind the freedom to explore avenues of thought and feeling that I otherwise wouldn’t access during the course of a normal day. And when I’m sitting at the piano, playing a piece by Beethoven or Chopin, my spirit and body connect with the music in a deeply meaningful way. 

I am also reminded that music – or rather, the ability to play it – requires effort. I started playing the piano when I was in the first grade, and I continued to practice weekly clear through high school. It didn’t come automatically. It required me to focus my attention on what my teacher put in front of me each and every week. I had to study theory, learn to sight read, and try to play pieces with challenging musical keys and tempos. Sometimes, things felt so challenging that I thought I would never get through them! However, as an adult, I can look back on these experiences with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I am also deeply grateful because music has given me the ability to speak a universal language of sorts. This language connects people from all over the world in incredibly touching ways. 

As the bottom of this print says “God gave us music that we might pray without words.” What a remarkable thought! Music can be prayer; in fact, the book of Psalms in the Bible is a compilation of heartfelt prayers set to music.

I believe that music is a gift from God: It existed in the Bible, and it continues to thrive in many different forms today. I thank You, God, for give me the ability to appreciate and perform music in its different forms. Thank You for this wonderful gift!

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Jesus, thank You for the gift of music. May I never look at it in quite the same way ever again! May I always take a moment to think of music as an opportunity as a way to experience You (and your creative handiwork) in a new and exciting way. Thank You for the variety of music that exists today; for all the instruments that You’ve  allowed to be created; and for the joy (or angst) that music can bring to the listener. I thank You for giving me the opportunity to study music in my childhood and also as an adult, and I hope to be able to pass this love for music onto others. May many others come to experience You in a deep and passionate way through music. In your name I pray, Amen.

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