When God Says “Hello,” Part 3

I’m starting to learn that God is talking to me all the time. Mind you, He’s not always saying a whole lot, but it sure seems like He is interested in getting my attention.

Observe this photo from a few months ago: I happened to be stopped at a red light and looked to my left. I thought to myself, “My! Doesn’t the shadow of that telephone pole look an awful lot like a cross?” I figured that this was no coincidence, so before the moment passed, I decided to snap a photo.

Please hear me: I’m not necessarily encouraging you start looking for or expecting signs and wonders – the Bible actually cautions against this – but rather, to simply be open and receptive to the idea that God may wish to connect with you in an unexpected way . In all three of instances that I’ve shared with you this week – two license plates and a shadow – I was just going about my daily business, and noticed that God showed up in a subtle way.

The way I see it, He’s always speaking, but He isn’t necessarily always shouting. I’ve learned to pay attention to the small things – the things that others may be quick to discount – because, as evidenced by the Bible and the experiences in my own life, God often uses unlikely people and unusual circumstances and events make His point.

Our God may be many things, but ordinary isn’t one of them. In fact, He’s literally extraordinary. So I shouldn’t be surprised when an extraordinary God chooses uses some innovative, “out-of-the-box” methods to get my attention. If the Bible is any indication, it’s been His modus operandi for thousands of years, so why on earth would He change His methods now?

Anyway, I digress. The point that I’ve taken away from all of this is this: it’s as if God is saying, “I’m always here, and am always here for you, even when you are not thinking of Me.”

I sure am glad that God thinks enough of me to say “hey”…. Just because He cares.

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thanks again for these tangible – yet subtle – reminders of Your presence. While I’m not necessarily reading any particular meaning into them, I am grateful nonetheless for the ways that You keep showing up in my life – these fleeting moments that I’d otherwise have missed, if my mind and heart weren’t open to them. Please keep my eyes open and ears attentive to all that You have to say! I am so very grateful for You and Your unconditional positive regard for me – even if it’s hard for me to fathom and accept at times. In Your name i pray, Amen.

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