Sometimes, a simple photograph says it all.

At first glance, you might think that this view is of a beach – endless sun, sky, and lush waves beckoning from a distance.

But you’d be wrong.

This photo was taken while I was in an airplane, cruising at around 35,000 feet. What you see is blue sky above, the hint of the sun just out of range, and a blanket of clouds below.

This photo got me thinking – perspective sure is important, no? All of the really big and important things suddenly seem terribly small and remote.

On cloudy days – the weather has been wet and turbulent for the past few weeks here, and the sun has rarely made an appearance in the sky – it’s easy to forget that the sun is there. Day in and day out, my perspective focuses on that which I can discern with my human eye: Clouds, rain, and no sun. Intellectually, I know that the sun is still there, but I cannot see it.

However, above the clouds, the sun continues to shine. It shines as it always has done. The sun never stops shining – only my ability to perceive it with my God-given senses has changed.

So I think that perspective is important, and I am grateful for it. My life journey so far has been about me trying to grab glimpses of blue sky and sun from my vantage point on earth, but I realized recently that God is in the process of changing how I think, perceive, and engage with the world so that i view it from His perspective – endless sun shining above the clouds.

Human wisdom says that if I think about it hard enough, I can make life on earth great. Who needs the sun? I can make do with whatever weather comes my way and find ways to survive – thrive, even – on my own intellect and human ingenuity. This is what I call Tower of Babel thinking.

God flips the script and says, “Why work so hard to make a place that is tarnished by sin your home? You’re just passing through. Focus your attention on Me and the plans that I have for you, and I promise You that I’ll never leave you, that I’ll give you peace and hope whenever you need it, and – I’m saving the best for last, now – you get to have an eternal home with Me that is better than anything than you can ever imagine! So stop worrying about making the most of your time here on earth. When you look at your present environment from My perspective – eternal sun and limitless sky, far above the clouds of life – why would you choose anything less than My very best for you?”

So, if you haven’t already done so, I invite you today to try God’s perspective on for size and see if you like the view. Sometimes the environment at 35,000 feet can be challenging – strong winds, turbulence on the plane, and sometimes it’s hard to see the sun with your naked eye, even though you know it’s there – but let’s be honest: I wouldn’t trade this view for anything.

Here is my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for Your perspective on my life, on the world, and all that You have made. You clearly care about every person You have fashioned in Your own image, and want Your very best for him/her. Thank You for patiently waiting for me, and not giving up on me when I have insisted on having my own way, or when I’ve tried to solve my own problems through the woefully distorted lens of human wisdom. Forgive me for this error in judgment – sadly, one that I make regularly, usually based out of fear. Remind me to focus my attention on my future home with You, and the great plans that You have for my life – on this side of eternity and beyond. Help me to remember that this earth is not my final home, and that I’m just passing through, on my way to a place far better than anything I ever can possibly imagine. Thank You for always giving me Your very best. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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