Earnest, Righteous & Powerful

Today, I am grateful for praying family and friends. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been going through a tough situation these past few months. Finally, today, it feels like the matter is beginning to reach its conclusion, and I’m starting to feel hopeful.

However, the matter is not yet closed, and I feel strongly that I need to be praying for God’s wisdom and discernment as I make a big decision tomorrow. I prayed for this one my own, yet felt that this by itself wasn’t quite enough.

So, i decided to text my family and friends and ask them to pray for me, regarding this meeting tomorrow. I asked them to pray for God’s wisdom and discernment for me, and I have been so touched by the outpouring of responses! I know that I am being covered in prayer, and that people I care about (and who care about me!) will be praying for me specifically when the meeting is scheduled to take place.

Prayer is powerful! I sometimes forget this. For reasons I’ll never fully understand, God chooses to act in response to the prayers of His children. As this Scripture indicates, prayer by people in right standing with God can do remarkable things, and “produces wonderful results” (James 5:16b, NLT).

I am trying to remember to utilize prayer more, and to ask others to pray for me. I need to remember to do this as a first course of action, rather than as something that I consider down the road. I did so these evening, and have been so very touched at the incredible response of love and support that I have received. The body of Christ is a remarkable thing!

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thank You for the privilege of coming to You in prayer whenever I desire to do so. Thank You for always being available to me, 24/7. Thanks also for the incredible ways that you respond to the needs and desires of Your children, and that prayer is an incredible tool that any follower of Yours can utilize and connect with You in a meaningful and powerful way. Lord, I feel deeply loved by others now, and I am experiencing Your love through other believers in my life who are praying for me at this time. Thanks also for giving me the ability to intercede for my friends and family members, and stand in hopeful expectation that You will answer our prayers, according to Your timing and purposes. You are a good God! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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