Name that Tune

Once again, I am amazed at the incredible ways in which God shows up in the small, “You were paying attention when I thought that?” details of my life. I am reminded that I always have God’s full attention, and that He is keenly interested in anything that concerns me – even matters that seem to be trivial and relatively insignificant. 

I almost feel silly sharing this, but I’m going to do it anyway. I need to set it up briefly: 

Understand that I don’t watch television: I haven’t had cable TV since 2006 and I really don’t miss it (I do have Netflix, though, and probably watch about two hours of programming at most each week).

I also don’t listen to the radio. I’m more of a podcast person; I usually listen to Christian teachers (Charles Stanley, Tony Evans, Alistair Begg, Steve Schell, Greg Laurie, and Rick Warren), and I periodically tune into the BBC World Service to keep abreast of what is going on across the globe.

As a result, I am woefully unaware of current TV programs, films (I usually only go to the movie theater about twice per year), and music.

So back to the matter at hand. Last week, I was in an exercise class, and a song was playing that caught my attention. I wondered, “Who is the person singing this? And what is the song called?”

The song was stuck in my head for several days, but I could only remember bits of the melody, and none of the words. The more I tried to think of the song, the more elusive it became – and by today, I realized that I had to get to the bottom of the matter.

So, I decided to try Spotify – I’d heard a little about it, but had never registered. The service seemed pretty easy to use, but trying to find a song you know nothing about on Spotify is like trying to locate the proverbial needle in a stack of millions upon millions of shards of digital hay.

I explored Top 100 lists, themed playlists, and tried listening to a few pop artists whose names I recognized (I had to be careful, though – a lot of the music that is popular today is just terrible! The lyrics are awful!). As I built up a custom playlist of my own, I asked the Lord, “I really want to know the name of this song and the person who sings it. It’s going to drive me crazy until I know!”

I kept at it – I can be determined, in a dog-and-bone sort of way – and eventually came across a name on a top 100 list, and wondered, “Could this be it?” The song was exceedingly popular (more than a million plays each day), so I thought that this could be it.

Now, Spotify seems to be a tricky business – you can’t always play the song that you want to hear, unless you upgrade to the premium version – and so I performed a search for the artist’s name and the song title on Google found the official video online.

I was delighted. So I clicked with eager expectation.


For reasons that I cannot fully begin to explain, I was simply elated. More than elated – I felt relief. Finally, I knew!

I paused and then thanked God. “You really don’t mess around,” I thought. “You don’t miss a beat!” (no pun intended)

So here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, as silly as this episode today with the song may seem to some, I want to pause and give You thanks for answering my ridiculously insignificant prayer. Thanks for always paying attention, and for helping me find that one, incredibly small needle in an impossibly big (to me, anyway) musical haystack.

I don’t understand how You are able to keep track of all the small things in my life, the big things, and also keep Your finger on the pulse of everyone/everything in the universe, but I suppose that is why You are God and I am not.

We’ve had a long day – You, me, and Spotify. “Whew!” and Amen. 🙂

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