An Urgent Plea

So today was a tough day, for reasons I won’t fully go into here. Sometimes, life just gets hard, and I find myself wondering, “Why, Lord?”

On top of everything, I had an asthma flare-up (this almost never happens, but earlier, I found myself rather unexpectedly in the presence of a dog, that was all that it took). The one time that I actually needed my rescue inhaler – which i almost never use, but usually carry with me all the time! – I couldn’t find it. it’s just disappeared, which makes no sense.

So then I called the pharmacy, only to find out that the prescription has expired, and that my allergist will need to authorize a refill. This will all take time, but I am hopeful that it the matter will be resolved soon.

Thank the Lord that I have my long-acting inhalers, but when I find myself short of breath, as I do now, I really wish that I had my rescue inhaler with me.

That is only one of the issues I had to contend with today. Anyway, in the midst of all of the mayhem, I came across this prayer that I had penned about a month ago. I thought it fit my situation today, so I put it on my refrigerator, took a picture of it, and thought I’d share it here. Here is the full text of the prayer – what I’m calling “an urgent plea” – in case it’s not fully visible at the top of today’s post:

Sovereign Lord of the universe, the all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present God; unchangeable, faithful, loving, just, and trustworthy; who works all things together for my ultimate good and Your glory, would You please intervene in my circumstances and help me tangibly? Thank you!

So that ^^^^ was my prayer for today, as well, along with a quick (and silent) request for the immediate reappearance of my rescue inhaler. Even though my asthma is acting up and today has been hard, I’m grateful that I serve a God who hears me and responds to every one of my prayers. God is good, indeed!

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