Only an Hour Away

Today, I’m grateful that views like this are only an hour away from me. Actually, it’s probably more like 45 minutes, which still isn’t too bad!

Of course, getting a clear view like this doesn’t always happen – more often than not there are clouds in the sky – but on the days when the skies are blue in the waters are just gorgeous, I’m grateful to live as close as I do to the beach. I don’t go there as often as I should, but it’s awfully nice to know that it’s nearby. 🙂

Here’s the prayer for today: Dear Lord, I thank You that Your beauty is so close to me. Remind me to go to the beach more often than I usually do, because I find the waters and the sands to be so soothing to my mind and spirit. Remind me to prioritize rest and peace, and to schedule time on my calendar to get away from it all and just enjoy the beach. For some reason, sometimes it’s just easier for me to connect with Your presence when I’m by the water, and I really need to hear from You now! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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