The Good Doctor

Today, I am immensely grateful for my doctor – he’s been my primary care physician for the majority of my life!

You see, my doctor treats me like I’m part of his family, and he tells me so. Only today, he mentioned that he treats me as he would his daughter, and that means so much to me. I consider him family, too.

You have to understand that my doctor was with me back in my teenage years, when I experienced tension headaches as I battled it out with calculus. He gently asked me, “Is there any stress in your life?” I nodded, and shared my tales of math woe with him. He got me through that time – and the headaches definitely got better once I finished messing with differential equations!

Later, when I went away to college (“university” for any readers from Commonwealth countries), it was my doctor who nodded knowingly when I showed up in his office with allergies all astir. He reminded me that I’m incredibly allergic to several varieties of trees, all grasses, and most flowers – and as my college of choice was chock-full of these allergens, it was time for me to up the ante on my antihistamine and asthma medicines.

Then, something happened that separated me and my doctor – some bureaucratic, paper-shuffling medical group political nonsense, and suddenly I could not reach my doctor (and he couldn’t reach me, or any of his other former patients). I didn’t know it at the time, but he had left the medical group that he was part of, but the group refused to give him access to his former patients – he wasn’t even able to tell any of us goodbye. I was very sad, and reluctantly found another doctor.

But let me tell you how good God is! About 13 years ago, I ran into my doctor at a social event. It had been several years since I last saw him, and I didn’t recognize him at first (I’m telling you – when your doctor doesn’t have a white coat on, it’s easy to miss him). 

Anyway, someone introduced us, and he looked at me and called me by my name. I was incredulous. There was my doctor! I asked him breathlessly, “Are you taking new patients?!” He replied with a smile, “Not officially, but call my office tomorrow and tell them I said it’s okay.” I was delighted, and I’m pretty sure he was, too.

He’s been my doctor of record ever since then. It may seem silly to say this, but I keep him in mind when I’m selecting medical benefits for any new job I’ve assumed. When you’ve been blessed with awonderful doctor who treats your health issues, but also cares about you as a person, then you pretty much move heaven and earth to keep him in your life.

Once again, I was so blessed to see him today. He gave me all the time that I need – he’s never in a hurry – and as he asks me about my health and checks in on how I’m doing, I take the time to ask him about his life and his family. Over the years, I’ve come to learn more about his wife and kids – even the family pet – and he beams with pride whenever he talks about them.

He still gives me that knowing look. He knows that the past six months or so have been very stressful for me, and has been incredibly supportive during this time. He also listens well, and he values what I have to say. He’s never been condescending to me – ever.

Some might say that I have trust issues (and I do! God and I are working on that), but not where my doctor is concerned. I trust him implicitly, and appreciate his affability and compassion. I’m so very grateful that God brought this man back into my life all those years ago, and that my doctor been there for me ever since.
Here is my prayer for today: Dear God, thanks for reminding me of the great miracle You performed back in 2003 when You reconnected me with my doctor unexpectedly. He is such a blessing to me! I feel that I experience Your love, concern, and compassion through him, and it really warms my heart. 

I also ask for You to place a protective hedge over my doctor and his family. I know that he works long hours, so I ask You to give him the opportunity to enjoy a time of rest, too. Of course, You are the ultimate Good Doctor, and any healing I’ve experienced is always and only attributable to You. Thank You for all of the different ways that You have healed (or are in the process of healing) me. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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