All Things

I’m grateful for this simple truth today:

All things. Put another way, nothing – no thing – is impossible with God.
I don’t know what hurdle you’re facing today, but remember that the Lord can literally do anything at any time. 

I find this truth staggering in its implications. Not only can God do all things, but He knows everything – as my pastor says, “God knows all things, actual and possible.” He even knows the stuff that can happen, but doesn’t, for reasons only known to Him.

Anyway, my hope is that these reminders encourage at least one person today (they certainly encourage me!). Whatever your present situation, remember this one fact: All things are possible with an the all-knowing, all-wise, ever-present God of the Bible. Dare to hope!

Here is my simple prayer for today: Dear Lord, I am awed by Your power and sovereignty. Nothing is impossible with You, so I believe in faith that You are carefully unfolding Your good plans for my life, according to Your perfect timing. In the meantime, I thank You for the ongoing growth and transformation that You are cultivating within me. In Your powerful name I pray, Amen.

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