Today, I am thankful for this important reminder:


[This quote is not from the Bible, but one could nonetheless argue that it is a life principle that aligns well with Scripture]

I firmly believe that generosity is a mindset. This mindset has almost nothing to do with money, but instead requires us to be attentive to the needs of people around us. You can be generous in lots of ways – with your money, your time, and your talents, among others. 

At its core, generosity involves focusing my attention outside of myself, and seeing how I can be of assistance. It’s really simple as that.

You can write a check to a worthy cause and not be generous if your heart isn’t in it, or if your motives aren’t right. I think it’s possible to do things that appear to be generous, but in reality, the person may be motivated by reasons that have nothing to do with meeting the needs of others at all. At the end of the day, this is a heart matter; only God is qualified to understand and judge the hearts of His children.

I’m also learning the gift of being able to receive generosity – I struggle with this, if I’m honest. I really wasn’t feeling well earlier this evening, and a member of my family offer to do something kind for me. Initially, I responded with this crazy tough woman attitude: “No, I don’t want to inconvenience you. I’ll be fine.” However, I wasn’t fine, and she wasn’t inconvenienced. After a few more minutes of hesitation, she offered to help me again, and I readily accepted. I’m so glad that I did! With her help – and some over-the-counter medicine – I’m starting to feel better.

Anyway, I’m challenged by this concept of generosity – to be more generous, and to also feel more comfortable receiving generosity from others. Either way, generosity is a gift to be given and received – and it’s one for which I am incredibly grateful.

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, cultivate in me a more generous heart. In particular, You know that but I have a hard time receiving the generosity of others – please help me with this. Help me to understand that when people treat me in this way, they are expressing Your love to me. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, enable me to receive this love and be grateful for it. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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