Switched Off

Much to my dismay this morning, I discovered that the water in my apartment building had been switched off. Sometimes, you just don’t realize how much you take basic necessities like running water for granted until they’re gone! 😮

When you don’t have water, you really don’t have much. I realized pretty quickly that there wasn’t a whole lot that I could do in my apartment without water. So, I made arrangements to go elsewhere until the water situation was resolved.

A couple of hours later, I realized that the water had been switched back on. “Hallelujah,” I thought to myself, as I prepared to hop into the shower. Let me tell you, that would’ve been a bad move.

Why, you may wonder? Well, the water was on, but it was cold. Very, very cold! Let me tell you – I can endure some hard things, but a cold shower is not one of them. Thanking God that I had made arrangements to go elsewhere, I was able to enjoy a refreshing shower with an abundant supply of warm water (let me tell you – God truly operates in the everyday, small things of life, and I am grateful for His provision!).

I was away for most of the day, but was immensely thankful that my water was back to normal (read: hot) when I got home. I am also grateful for the hard work that the maintenance supervisor in my apartment complex put in to resolve our water issue. 

It’s amazing to me the things that I take for granted each day. When I switch on my water faucet, I expect water to come out – I don’t even think about it, and I certainly do not fret or worry about it. Imagine if I lived my entire Christian life that way – with faucet-like faith. Perhaps an even better question is this – why don’t I? Surely, God is far more reliable and trustworthy than the man-made water faucets in my apartment building.

Here is my prayer for today: Lord, I’m embarrassed to realize that my faith in my faucet sometimes exceeds my faith in You. However, I am grateful for the events of today – I’ll never look at my water supply in quite the same way again!

Thanks also for placing me in a part of the world where I have ready access to safe (and warm!) running water. I also appreciate Your fixing the ruptured pipe in my apartment building, so that all of the residents can enjoy the water – and not have to take cold showers! Finally, I ask for a special blessing on the maintenance supervisor in our complex – he’s a good man, and he worked really hard to help the members of our community today. I am grateful for him and his hard work! In Your name I pray, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Switched Off

  1. Oh no! I’m glad your hot water is fixed!

    This reminds me a bit of last year when our hot water heater went out. For several days as it was on its last leg, we had lukewarm showers, and for two more days until we got the new one installed, it was cold showers. I took out my mom’s biggest pot and boiled water on the stove to heat up water for the bathtub. 😂 I’m so thankful for hot water now!


    1. I can’t even imagine what that must of been like. I could barely survive without warm water for a couple of hours – I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like for you to survive without it for several days!

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      1. It was actually kind of an adventure! (Though I’m probably the only one to think that… 😂) As long as we had water period, it was okay. 🙂 Not having any water though means no tea, no coffee, no washing hands… that would be a different story! (We had to do that once too when there was a busted line somewhere, making the water pretty nasty for a couple of days. We stocked up on bottled water then. 😂)

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