I was doing my weekly check-in on the daffodils, and realized that a couple of little ones were trying to grow. I initially thought this was exciting, except that the baby daffodils are apparently being choked out by the stems and leaves of the bigger ones:

As you can see from this photo, this little daffodil is trying to break through the towering stems of the adult flowers – the ones I’ve been talking about for the past several weeks.

I looked at this little flower, and thought to myself, “Breakthrough is difficult. However, when it happens, it’s extremely transformative and powerful.”

This tells me that the timing of breakthrough is significant. Clearly, this little daffodil got started on its journey much later than its grown-up counterparts, so its growth process will look very different than that of the older flowers.

Of course, it is still a daffodil. It is yellow just like the other flowers. The only difference at this point in time is its size. The flower has everything it needs in order to grow – it’s simply dependent on God to supply what it needs (sunshine, water, and space for its roots to expand), so that it can develop into the kind of daffodil that He designed it to be. 

[Rest assured, I will be sure to keep you all posted on the progress of this wee flower.]

In a similar way, I experienced a fairly significant breakthrough today. I feel like the little daffodil – I’m in a season of growth, but getting to the place God ultimately has me to be will require fortitude, faith, and continued trust in His timing and sovereignty.

Here is my prayer for today: Thanks, God, for the important breakthrough I experienced today. I feel that I am seeing the experiences of my life (past and present) with enhanced clarity, and I am grateful to You for it. 

I also pray for the little daffodil. Strengthen its roots and its stem so that it gets everything that it needs in order to grow into the flower You designed it to be.

In a way, it seems strange to be praying for a flower. However, I am so touched to realize that You created this flower, and You do have plans for it! And surely, if You have good plans for a little daffodil, I marvel as I ponder how much greater the plans are that You have in mind for me! In Your name I pray, Amen. 

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