Book of Psalms

Today, I’m grateful for the book of Psalms. The words of the Psalmist remind me that I’m not alone in experiencing life as a series of peaks and valleys! Also, it is chock full of promises that David – the principal author of the book – stood on during his moments of trial. When I feel stuck and don’t quite know how to pray, I can always cast my eye over the book of Psalms and find comfort, hope, and inspiration within its pages.

There are several passages in the Psalms that I like, but this one really speaks to me in particular: 

Wow! What a promise. I can hang my hat on this one, and trust that God is in the process of delivering me from all the fears that I have, too.

Here is my prayer for today: Thanks, Lord, for hearing me when I pray and for answering me, as this passage from Psalm 34 attests. The reminder in the latter half of the verse – that You deliver us from our fears, but only after we seek You first – is an important one. Help me to remember that as long as You’re with me (which as always!), then I have no reason to be afraid of anyone or anything. In Your name I pray, Amen. 

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