Double-Portion Miracles

I’m so very excited today – a dear friend of mine texted me to let me know that God had worked a tremendous miracle in her family. She was (and still is, I believe) staggered by it, because she had already received the miracle for which she had prayed about two years ago.

Without going into any of the details, let’s just say that she has gone through a tremendous amount of loss and suffering – the kind of pain that you wouldn’t wish on anyone, let alone a very good friend.   As she and her family tried to process their pain, it felt like other obstacles continued to stack up in their lives. It was a very difficult season for her – a protracted “dark night of the soul.”

Gradually, one by one, God began to open doors of hope. Then, unexpectedly, a bona fide miracle happened, and she was filled with nearly inexpressible joy and gratitude to the Lord.

She continues to relish the miracle God gave her about a year and a half ago. However, today, she let me know that God went above and beyond her initial request and has blessed her in an additional way that she could not even begin to fathom (I call this a double-portion miracle – like what you see in the book of Job: God restores, and then He provides even more than you had before). I think the most amazing thing about it is that she wasn’t expecting it – she was content with the life that she had carved out for herself, and was grateful to the Lord for His provision in her life. Then – out of nowhere! – God opens up the windows of heaven and pours out of Malachi 3:10-sized blessing that she never could have expected. Never, ever, ever.

What a good God we serve! He’s not good because He works miracles selectively in our lives, but He’s just good because that’s His nature. Sometimes – and we can’t predict it – God chooses to act in response to our faith and bless us in ways we could never have imagined. It’s not to say that when He withholds a miracle, it’s because we lack faith, but it sure seems like He responds in unexpected ways when genuine faith is present.

That’s why this verse caught my eye:

Miracles happen because God is sovereign and He selectively chooses to work them according to His plan and timing (the how and why of His ways we will never understand this side of eternity). Put another way, it’s not because of our actions or works, but rather because God acts in response to belief. The Bible is full of examples of this.

Again, I do not mean to imply that this is prescriptive. Otherwise, we can fall into the trap of thinking that if we behave a certain way, or if our faith is “good enough,” then we can manipulate God into getting what we want. That is not what I’m saying at all!

I’m just saying that God is good, and sometimes He chooses to express that goodness and generosity in unfathomable ways that just blow our minds, where all we can say in response is, “God did that. Only God could’ve made that happen.”

Here is my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for Your goodness and your generosity. Thank You for so deeply touching the life of my friend, too. You know how she has suffered, and I thank You for looking out for her and granting her the heart’s desire that she had never even vocalized. You know what’s best for us, and Your timing is perfect. 

Help me to keep an open heart and mind, and to expect the unexpected. Again, I’m not trying to manipulate anything, but I also don’t want to be so set in my thinking that my mind and heart are closed to the ways that You want to move in my life. Keep my heart open to miracles, and remind me to celebrate You and Your goodness every time I spot one. In Your great and still-working-Ephesians-3:20-sized-miracles-in-2017 name I pray, Amen.

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