Today, I am thankful for an unexpected financial provision that God sent my way. Just earlier in the day, I have been praying about my finances, and then I felt led to go check my mailbox. When I opened the mail, I discovered a refund check in there – almost exactly the amount I needed (a little more than I needed, actually) to cover the bill I had prayed about earlier in the day.

While all of my concerns have not been alleviated, I am nonetheless grateful for God’s timely intervention and provision in my life. This manna-like provision – just enough to meet my needs for the day – reminds me that the Lord hears me when I pray, and faithfully answers my petitions according to His timing.

Here’s my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thank You for meeting my needs so unexpectedly today, and all the days before then, too. Help me to trust You to secure my “daily bread,” are for the important reminder that You are more than able to meet my needs. I am grateful for Your thoughtfulness, precise timing, and generosity. In Your name I pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Manna

  1. Hi Daily:)… Luv ur post. Totally in similar situation… Waiting in the Lord for finances.. Did not get increase of those today But!… Had also been praying for rocks lol… To line a flower pot with….prayed today for that… And they appeared in my gutter and street this afternoon… Aslan Aslan Aslan :)…

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    1. God is good! I appreciate His thoughtful provision in the small areas of my life – things that almost seek too inconsequential to pray about, yet He shows Himself faithful in these areas, too! 😀


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