I had a great day today. It started with a little bit of pampering – a facial here, and a manicure there – and ended with an evening of great fellowship at my church. Let me share the details with you:

[I’ll leave off the particulars about the facial and the manicure, though. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself to something special. However, I was incredibly fortunate to be on the receiving end of a gift that allowed me to enjoy these two experiences at no cost to me. Truly, God is in the details!]

This evening, our children’s ministry team got together for a game night. We were attempting to play Pictionary, and I admit that – among all of the talents that God has blessed me with – playing Pictionary is not one of them.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to laugh at myself. I can play the piano, write reasonably well, and do other things with competence, but draw? Nooo. Time-limited, free-form drawing about seemingly unrelated things is not one of my strengths!

Even so, the evening was relaxing and filled with laughter – honestly, it was just what I needed. Eventually, we realized that our group would fare better if we played the game with a biblical theme, and so we gave it a go.

I was tasked with rendering the “pillar of cloud by day/pillar of fire by night” image from the book of Exodus. It’s funny how we read Bible stories over and over again and are familiar with them, but let me tell you – trying to draw them with a couple of colorful dry erase markers, no written numbers or words, and a timer is a whole different kettle of fish!

Thankfully, my team was able to interpret my attempt at drawing and piece the story together. In my haste, I actually drew the pillar of fire during the day, and the pillar of cloud at night, but my teammates figured it out anyway. 😀

So, I fully understand and appreciate that Pictiomary is not my game, but I still had a great time anyway! 

Fellowship is a good and very necessary thing. In fact, I think this image captures the essence of fellowship best:

Just like any other kind of food, fellowship is a vital part of our lives. God wired us to be in community, and I’m very grateful to be plugged into a couple of good ones. 

Anyway, I had a fun, low-key day. I’m grateful for it, and even though drawing is not my forte, it was nice to be able to laugh at myself (and – if I’m honest – laugh at a few others, too!). 😉

Today, my prayer is as follows: Dear God, thank You for a day of fun and relaxation. You know it was just what I needed, and that these blessings came at no cost to me made them all the more sweet. Thank You for your continual tenderness toward me! In Your name I pray, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Fellowship

  1. Being I’m cancer treatment, I have to be very careful about being in public. One thing that means is I haven’t been to church very often over the last 6 months. The fellowship is missed terribly, and for me the corporate worship is the thing I miss most. Your post is right on. I don’t see how any Christian can really grow if they isolate themselves and try to live off TV evangelism. Fellowship is necessary and blessed!
    Thanks for a wonderful reminder.

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    1. Pete, I’m so very sorry. It must be difficult to not be able to participate in fellowship to the extent to which you’d like. It sounds like you really have a heart to be in community.

      I wonder – even though I’m relativy new to blogging – if it might be possible for some of us like-minded bloggers to set up a day and time to connect in real time. We certainly could do a chat, or – as people are comfortable – perhaps some sort of Skype or Google Hangout session could be a possibility, too. After all, we’re people behind our usernames and blog posts, and my experience has been that the fellowship comes in many different shapes and forms.

      I do wish that WordPress had some sort of messaging feature where we could ping several bloggers at one time and send a message to them, but I’ll figure out a way. In the meantime, I’m going to pray about this, and see what sort of doors the Lord may open here.

      Lord willing, if you’re not able to get to the fellowship, then perhaps we can find a way to help bring the fellowship to come to you! (Albeit digitally)

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      1. That would be remarkable! Keep me posted. Perhaps we could come up with a workable time between the two of us, and then both blog about the idea and see what kind of response we get. I am free a majority of weekdays for quite a while and would love some online fellowship like this. Skype or Hangouts might work. I’m not sure how many you can get on there.

        The fellowship thing is especially hard because I am a worship leader, and missing corporate worship is very hard. Even when I do go I have to wear my mask. I would be thrilled to lead a couple choruses if we could get thus going!

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      2. I think that’s a great idea, Pete. Let’s continue to pray on it, and see if we might be able to start small. Perhaps if you are able to reach out to a couple of bloggers you know, and I could do the same, we could just start with a small group – maybe four or five just to get started. There might be a time and opportunity for sharing of testimonies – particularly how God has worked through our blogs – and also for some encouragement and prayer.

        Technologically speaking, I’m not sure how this will work. The scheduling aspect will also be challenging. However, I am feeling optimistic! God can do anything – and this includes getting a few faithful bloggers together to connect.

        Praying for you, my friend! 🙂

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