Today, I’m grateful for a series of practical blessings that God clearly orchestrated for me: 

  • I locked my keys in the car recently, while attempting to go to the grocery store (the photo appended to today’s blog post shows my keys locked inside my car). I thought I left my spare car key at my mother’s house, so I called her. Thankfully, she had a break in her work schedule (she’s a music teacher, and works out of her home)  so she and my older brother – who happened to be in town visiting – hopped in the car to come to my aid. Unfortunately, my spare key was not at my mom’s house, but I was still super grateful to see how quickly my family sprang into action. 
  • My next call was to the service advisor at my auto dealership, to find out if there was some way to get into my vehicle. He’s an extremely kind man who has come to my aid in (much bigger and more expensive) auto crises in the past. Unfortunately, the key fob that remotely unlocks my car stopped working several years ago – even when a new battery is in it – and so he advised me to call AAA. I thanked him for his kind assistance – after all, he could’ve insisted that I buy a new key fob from him, but he did not do that. He didn’t even suggest it!
  • This is where things got tough. I’d inadvertently let my AAA membership lapse, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get someone to help me. After offering a quick prayer to the Lord, I pulled out my now-expired AAA card and called the number on the back. I explained my predicament, and asked if it was possible to get my membership reinstated. The extremely kind customer service representative on the phone told me that my membership could be reinstated if fewer than 90 days had elapsed since the initial date of expiration – and I made it just under the wire (82 days). My membership was reinstated in a matter of minutes – and at a cost of $81, which to me was well worth the money – and I was informed that a roadside technician would be available to help me at no additional cost.
  • I was then transferred to the emergency roadside assistance support person. Mind you, I was still in the grocery store parking lot, and my mom and brother were parked in the car next to me. I informed them that they were free to go, but they wanted to make sure that I would be okay before leaving, which I appreciated (it reminds me that even though I’m quite grown, you can never really outgrow being the youngest child in the family, and the “baby” sister). Anyway, I was informed that the roadside technician was on his way, and would arrive in approximately 25 minutes. This was great news! I let my family members know that they were free to go.
  • Moments later, the roadside technician arrived. He was another kind man, and in under two minutes, had unlocked my car and retrieved my keys. I was so happy that I hugged the man, and told him that he was an answer to prayer! I told him that he made a big difference in my life that day, and I was very grateful for him. He really seemed to be touched to hear this.
  • This whole episode – from start to finish – took about 45 minutes. When it was all done, I walked into the grocery store, did my shopping, and headed home.

Truly, God is in the small things! I am so grateful for the way He took care of me – even making sure that I was in a safe area when I locked my keys in the car (during the day), and for the way He lined up at least five or six people who came to my aid quite unexpectedly, and when I needed them the most.

My prayer today is a simple one: Thank You, God, for taking care of me in such a thoughtful and unexpected way. I’ll never look at my keys in quite the same way again! In Your name I pray, Amen.

6 thoughts on “Unlocked!

  1. Wonderful story, so we’ll described. Many people would not give credit to God for His aid. I am glad you recognize God “in the small things “. He is so merciful. Thanks for your great post

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    1. Thank you, Pete! 🙂 From the moment I locked my keys in tbe car, I resolved to 1) not worry and 2) trust that God had allowed this to happen for a reason (the old me would have started fretting about everything.)

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