Today, I am grateful for the omniscience of God. God knows and sees all things, at all times; nothing ever surprises Him, and He always has a plan. Allow me to share a personal example:

I was in a real quandary today. I found myself in an urgent, time-sensitive situation, and I really didn’t see a way out of it. I felt stuck, and honestly didn’t know what to do. I was frustrated, since it seemed like the Lord had led me into the situation, but then wasn’t showing me a way out of it.

I was notified earlier today that I would have to wait a really long time for the resolution of my situation. I was given a specific window of time to expect the information I needed, and was informed that under no circumstances would this window of time ever change.

Unfortunately, this timeframe was much too late for me. Like a series of dominoes that had been knocked down, I saw no way to stop the sequence of anticipated unpleasant events from occurring.

Logically, my surmise of the situation was correct. Things typically unfold in a linear fashion, so there was no reason to think that my circumstances would be any different.

So I offered up a series of very urgent (and brief) prayers to God, and I wasn’t shy about my frustration. However, I resigned myself to my circumstances – especially since I was powerless to change them – and opened up the Bible app on my phone so that I could simmer down a bit (listening to the Bible is generally a soothing activity for me).

I tell you, I was just two sentences into Luke 10 when the information that I so desperately needed arrived (three- to seven hours ahead of schedule!).

My first thought was, “How is this possible?” However, an important reminder from Luke 1:37 came to mind:

For with God, nothing shall be impossible.

You see, since God knows everything all the time, He can simply change your circumstances in a matter of nanoseconds. Consider:

  • He can (and did!) reroute the information that was scheduled to arrive to me later in the day, and ensure that it shows up earlier.
  • He can (and did!) contravene what someone told me on the telephone and instantly transform my circumstances, just to make a point that He’s in charge, and these other people are not.
  • He can (and did!) also shift the hearts and minds of people who previously were fighting against me, so that they are now on my side.

However, in all of this, I learned an important truth: I need to ask for His help. And I need to ask for it first.

You see, this omniscient God we serve is always observing and interacting with all that we do. This is the point of the passage from Proverbs 5:

When you examine something or someone, you pay careful attention to what you are seeing. You notice even the smallest change in a person’s behavior, and sometimes adjust your own demeanor and actions based upon what you observe. What is true with us is also true of God, but on an infinitely larger scale.

Nothing we do is hidden from Him. He sees and knows everything! This profound truth is so remarkable that if you think about it for too long, your brain will start to hurt. After all, can you fathom a Person

  • for whom nothing is unknown?
  • where nothing is unseen?
  • where all things are within the realm of possibility?
  • where no new discoveries can be made, since He created everything and everyone anyway?

(and If you have some time, take a moment to read chapters 38 through 42 in the book of Job. If you ever really want your mind blown by God’s creative power, then cast your eye over those precious chapters)

Here’s my prayer for today: I thank and praise You, God, for You know all things “actual and possible,” as my pastor says. Nothing ever surprises You. Because of this, I know that You are completely trustworthy. 

Thank You for fighting my battles for me today, and literally making a way out of no way. I love You, Lord! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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