Sometimes, when we get so busy and preoccupied with the things of life, it’s easy to take the little things for granted. It’s important to take the time to reflect and be still; I was fortunate to be able to do so this evening.

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’m nobody’s Picasso – put a piano in front of me and I know what I’m doing, but otherwise I’m not terribly artistic. However, I’ve come to recognize that I have a lot of unexpressed (or under-expressed) ideas and beliefs rattling around in my head, and it was high time that some of them came out.

I often see the world in terms of word pictures. That is, I understand what words mean, but I also find it helpful to have a visual (and nonverbal) representation of the idea or concept. Sometimes, images convey a lot of meaning without words; other times, the combination of words and images can be quite powerful.

So, just this evening, I took about an hour or so to listen to some music and express whatever [word] pictures came to mind. Remember that we often dream in terms of images, so it occurred to me that my thoughts may be best expressed that way, too.

I prayed about it, and asked God to release whatever images He wanted to me to ponder. I’m not saying that I got any life altering insights from this time – who knows? The epiphanies may come later – but it certainly was a relaxing and peaceful way to spend an evening. I highly recommend it, and as my schedule permits, I’ll try to make this a regular part of my routine (although I’ll need to expand my repertoire to include colored pencils and markers – they’re a touch easier to work with than crayons!).

I often think that this is the way that God communicates with us, too – He rarely speaks audibly, and often gets our attention through nonverbal means – think of Moses’ experience with the burning bush, or Jonah’s rough run-in with the big fish. 

Also, there is so much chatter in our world – people are talking all the time! – that it can often drown out the voice of God. We can be so busy trying to interpret all the information around us that we’re not free to really experience our environment, and be really present. 

So, I encourage all of us to take some time to be still, listen to some music, and see what [word] pictures or images the Lord brings to mind. Note that you don’t have to necessarily break out the crayons like I did – it may be as simple as going for a walk and paying attention to the flora and fauna around you, or intentionally doing something different to break up your routine – all in an attempt to invite greater peace and stillness into your spirit. 

Here’s my prayer for today: Dear Lord Jesus, help us all to relax, take a breath, and better attune ourselves to what You are trying to communicate. Often, the message is the same one that You spoke over the wind and the waves: “Peace! Be still.” 

Also, thank You for reminding me that I’m never too old to enjoy a box of crayons. 😉 Thank You also for providing such a relaxing way to end my day, and for filling me with Your peace. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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