I experienced a really important shift today.

I attended my one of my church’s Easter services today; as I listened our pastor recount the familiar, yet still awe-inspiring account of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, I suddenly thought to myself: “What on earth am I worrying about?”

The same God who, in the form of a man,

  • modeled an incredibly purposeful life;
  • was betrayed by those closest to Him;
  • was subject to the whims of an unjust and corrupt judicial process;
  • endured an absolutely brutal death;
  • and – most importantly – rose again, soundly defeating whatever temporary grip death had on Him;

… will certainly have no problem sorting out the challenges I’m facing in life.

That’s where this passage from 1 Samuel 16 hits home for me today. When you get down to it, God sees into me in a way that I cannot even begin to fathom:

We live in a world that is fascinated with outward appearances. As a consequence, our culture tends to place little value on really taking the time to get to know people in meaningful ways.

Not so with God! Every person is valuable in His economy, and He keeps an ever-watchful eye on every person and thing that He has made.

The Bible indicates that God takes care of the sparrow, and that we – as His children – are much more valuable than the sparrow is, comparatively speaking. So, if the bird isn’t worrying about life, then why should I be fretting about it?

And since Jesus was (and is) victorious over the vice-like grip of death, then why do I doubt His ability to take care of me? I suspect it has much to do with the fact that I have allowed my gaze to shift away from Him, and have instead chosen to place most of my focus on my circumstances. 

The flip side of all of this – firmly believing that God has everything under control – seems almost too easy to believe and accept. But that’s exactly what God wants me to do – believe that He can do all things, and accept that He desires to help me in every area of my life.

Anyway, I’m grateful that God is not like us. He really and truly loves us – He came to earth in the form of a man so that we would be able to have a relationship with Him, and connect with Him in a heartfelt way. I’m happy that really sees me on the inside, and knows my heart better than anyone (including me!). He knows what’s in your heart, too – and that’s a good thing. :).

Here is my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for loving me, and for forgiving my debt of sin by dying in my place. This gift is totally unmerited on my part, but shows the extent of the love and initiative that You demonstrate on behalf of Your children. 

Thank You also for the privilege of being able to attend Easter service this evening, and receiving the story of Jesus’s is life, death, and resurrection with fresh ears and an open heart. May this life-changing series of events never grow old or staid in my mind!

Thank You for this very significant upward shift in my life today – away from my circumstances, and once again focused more intently on You. Of course, I’ll still mess up from time to time, but I know that You are guiding me, and I trust that Your plans for me are better than my own. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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