The Happy Heart

Wow! God really showed up in an amazingly touching way for me today, and I still can’t believe it.

The funny thing is, I came across this passage from Proverbs 15 before I was aware of this incredible blessing. I had decided that I was going to post about this verse earlier in the day, ever since I had experienced a renewed sense of peace and hope in my relationship with the Lord (which I explained in my post from yesterday).

With this peace came a release of the most – if not all – of the things that have been weighing heavily on my mind lately. For the first time in months, I had slept well – really well – and I awoke in good spirits. I understood that my circumstances hadn’t changed, but my mindset had, and I was grateful.

So this verse from Proverbs 15 fairly leapt off the page when I was reading my Bible this morning:

I understand now that happiness is a choice (I’m borrowing this phrase from Rick Warren). It’s not dependent on my circumstances, although some people define happiness in this way. It’s simply a choice that I have to make each day to 

  • trust God;
  • believe that He will take care of me; and
  • rest in this knowledge. 

So that’s what I did.

Anyway, God showed up in a series of remarkable events today. Some significant manna just dropped from heaven (through some very loving people who God brought into my life), and when I think about it, I still get tears in my eyes. I truly experienced the love and heart of God through these kind people.

Then, I’ve been concerned about a repair to my car; when I checked my mailbox today, I found a recall notice from the auto manufacturer. The notice specifically addressed the issue I was concerned about, and covered the entire cost of the repair!

Understand that the happiness I now feel is not because of these blessings; I experienced the joy in advance because I decided in my heart to trust God fully, come what may. It just so happened that later in the day, He decided to drop a few unexpected blessings in my life; however, I am most profoundly touched by the Giver of the gifts, rather than the gifts themselves (although they are lovely!).

However, even if the blessings had not come, I’d like to believe that my mindset would be the same. Simply stated, I just can’t afford to let my circumstances dictate my joy any longer! The Bible says that “the joy of the Lord is my strength,” and I firmly believe that now.

So as the passage from Proverbs 15 indicates, life is a “continual feast” for those with a happy heart. I can honestly say today that God has healed my heart in a significant way, and I look forward to enjoying this feast of life that He has set before me.

Here is my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for Your incredibly generous and thoughtful provision today. The memory of it still brings tears to my eyes. However, help me to focus on You, rather than on the blessings You provide (or the trials You may allow in my life). 

Please keep my heart happy and humble, so that I can I truly enjoy the life You have prepared for me, and not just survive it. I really want to savor this continual feast You have placed in front of me! I know now that as long as I’m following You, such joy is not only possible, but is 100% available to me. This is perhaps the best gift that You could ever give to me, and I sincerely thank You for it. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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