Happy Resurrection Day, everyone! Indeed, those of us who are Christ followers should aim to keep the significance of this event at the forefront of our minds, rather than observing it as a “holiday” once per annum.

(and to my knowledge, bunnies still can’t lay eggs) 😉

However, today, I am grateful for something extremely practical: leftovers from my mother’s delicious Easter meal. She knows that I’m vegan, and prepared some dishes with me in mind. Here is a photo of my plate of leftovers that I took home this evening:

What I have pictured here is a generous serving of greens, a delicious medley of farro and oven-roasted vegetables, and some dressing – although I know that some folks prefer to call it “stuffing”. (I was raised in a “we call it dressing and that’s the end of the discussion” kind of home, by the way).

Point of confession here: the dressing/stuffing is not vegan. However, when it comes to my mother’s cooking, I occasionally set aside my veganism in order to enjoy a home-cooked meal (I don’t eat meat or anything, but I recognize that some of the dishes that she prepares use butter and/or eggs). I just can’t imagine a world where I would actually enjoy vegan dressing/stuffing, and life is just too short and precious for me to waste time trying.

Also, not pictured here are the copious amounts of baked yams that I ate.

For the meat eaters, she prepared a roasted chicken. Or maybe it was turkey? Honestly, I haven’t eaten meat or poultry for so long, that it’s hard for me to tell the difference.

Anyway, though it may not sound particularly deep, I am most grateful today for good home cooking – thanks, Mom! – and family with whom to spend some quality time (even when “quality time” involves resting and watching a movie – I enjoyed viewing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe again, even though parts of the movie still bring tears to my eyes).

Here is my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for blessing me with this wonderful food prepared by my mother. Truly, her love is expressed in her cooking, and I’m grateful that she so generously shares of this gift with those around her. 

I’m also grateful that I had somewhere to go on Easter. I know that there are scores of people in our country and around the world who cannot say the same. I’m grateful for my family, and for the privilege of being able to spend quality time with my loved ones – not just today, but all throughout the year.

Most significantly, I thank and praise You, Lord, for dying in my place and rising on the third day, thereby fully covering a debt that I couldn’t ever possibly repay. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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