Today, I’m grateful that God is able to do anything at any time – He is not constrained by any person, place, process, or even by time itself.

He is the only truly infinite Being; therefore, the scope of His power is similarly unconstrained:

This is a simple truth that I believe (although I can’t think about it for too long – otherwise, the logical and analytical parts of me will want to try to “figure God out,” which will inevitably result in either profound frustration or insanity). However, I do believe it – and I am very grateful for this truth, too.

I think the part of this verse that is most exciting to me is that God uses us to accomplish His purposes. It’s apparently because of His power at work within us that He chooses to do infinitely more than we can ask or think. 

What an honor! The God of this universe chooses to use us – broken vessels though we are – to carry out His sovereign purposes. Not that we necessarily bring anything to the table (God can surely accomplish His purposes without us!), but I still think it’s pretty nice that He chooses to include us on the action.

In fact, I just experienced a semblance of this phenomenon today. I have the privilege of doing some volunteer work, and the way it all came about seemed kind of random to me at first. The longer I’m in this volunteer role, though, the more I’ve come to appreciate that there’s nothing random about it! 

God has clearly planted me in this situation for a specific purpose, and this reality is becoming more evident with each passing day. I can see how His hand has orchestrated the events in my life – as well as in the lives of the people with whom I volunteer – to bring about the present set of circumstances. I don’t know how this is all going to be resolved, but I certainly can see the “fingerprints” of God in the situation.

There are just too many points of intersection for any of this to be random. You meet a stranger and you think, “I don’t know anything about this person.” Then, as time unfolds, you start to realize that you have more connections to this person than you initially thought. You may ask, “What are the odds of this happening?” The answer is that the odds were impossibly small –something only God Himself could orchestrate.

It’s quite exciting, really. We’ll see where this goes.

Here is my prayer for today: I thank You, God, for being totally in control of everything, and for not being limited in any way, shape, form, or idea. You are totally unhindered, and have unfettered access to a dizzying assortment of resources – many of which my small human mind can’t even begin to imagine. 

You’re a really big God! Forgive me for trying to put You in a box or limit You in any way. In Your mighty, powerful, and infinite name I pray, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Able

  1. When I see these connections with people that initially I had nothing in common with, I am beginning to think, of course you have something in common. God is in all of us. Therefore there is going to be a common connection, Him. If that makes any sense. 🙂 God bless you

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