The Great Water Bottle Miracle

So I took an exercise class this morning, and I brought along a water bottle (an admittedly flimsy one) that I purchased only yesterday. Anyway, the water bottle was holding up just fine at home, so I assumed it would be fine at the exercise studio.

Not so! Within a couple of minutes of the class starting, the bottle began to leak something serious. šŸ˜® I hurriedly grabbed the leaky bottle and dashed out of the room.

When I arrived in the lobby, I quickly made my way outside and dumped out the water (for the environmentally-minded, I poured the water into a plant); I then ditched the broken-and-useless water bottle before heading back into class. Regrettably, the studio was out of bottled water, so I had to content myself with a little carton of coconut water (it did the trick, though!).

As I was driving home, I thought to myself, “I need to buy myself another water bottle.” Still pondering this thought, I stopped by my mailbox to see if anything interesting had arrived. To my surprise, there was a key in my mailbox, which let me know that I had received a package. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I was curious to see what it was.

What I found was a smallish rectangular box from one of the ministries that I support. I assumed it contained a calendar, and so I tucked the item under my arm and headed back to my apartment.

When I got around to opening the package a few minutes later, I was stunned to discover the contents:

A water bottle!!! 

Well, technically, I think it’s some sort of thermos or coffee tumbler, but since I don’t drink coffee, I’ll pretty much only use it for water. 

I mean only God could arrange for a [free] water bottle to materialize in my mailbox only an hour-and-a-half after I broke the first water bottle in my exercise class.

And the best part about it is that there’s a Bible verse on the new water bottle/thermos/tumbler! That’s a first for me.

Anyway, I was so delighted that I called the ministry and told the representative on the telephone the whole story. I thanked the ministry for sending me the bottle out of the blue, and of course thanked the Lord for minding all of the Ps and Qs in my life ā€“ even the little ones.

Seriously ā€“ what God is so attentive to and concerned about me that He even makes sure that I have a new water bottle, barely two hours after breaking the first one? 

Oh, and by the way ā€“ this water bottle is totally high-end and great quality. It’s like God was telling me, “Not only can I surprise you, but what I have for you is so much better than what you seek after yourself.”

So there you have it ā€“ the Great Water Bottle Miracle of 2017. It’s official: God really is in the small things ā€“ what I refer to as the “lowercase” Ps and Qs ā€“ of my life. I’m very grateful!

My prayer today is a simple one: Dear God, thank You for this miracle today. There is no other word for it ā€“ it’s a miracle. 

The water bottle is perfect! Every detail is high-quality, and it’s sturdy, too. I also love that there is a Bible verse on it.

Thanks for being in the small things of my life ā€“ for showing up in perfect, just-in-time ways that both confound and delight me. While there are still several areas of my life that are unresolved, this business with the water bottle isn’t one of them. šŸ˜‰

I appreciate Your thoughtfulness, as always (and I know this water bottle won’t be leaking anytime soon!). I love You, Lord. In Your name I pray, Amen.

10 thoughts on “The Great Water Bottle Miracle

  1. What a great testimony of God’s miraculous goodness!

    I actually have a thermos type bottle that I bought recently and I use it exclusively for water at the moment, so you’re not alone! It keeps the water nice and cool.

    Enjoy your gift from the Lord. God bless!

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