Today, I am grateful for something that is exceedingly practical.

You see, I lost my debit card earlier this evening, but only realized it it about thirty minutes ago. Honestly, the only reason that I know that I lost it is because God prompted  me to look for it. Allow me to explain:

  • My car was short of gas, so I headed to the gas station. I use my debit card to pay for most things (although I always process things as credit, and not debit – I don’t believe it giving my pin number to anyone other than my bank), but have been cautioned against paying at the pump. So, I took the card to the cashier and paid for the gas there.
  • I seem to recollect taking the card back with me to my car, but I can’t honestly say that I did. I drove home, ate dinner, and then headed to Bible study.
  • After making a brief pit stop, I headed back home. I remembered that I was going to make some online donations to the ministries I support, and naturally reached for my wallet. It was only then that I realized that my debit card was missing.
  • I performed the usual search, but this time, without any anxiety. Remembering that God is fully in control of the situation, I looked through my purse and car, but wasn’t able to locate the card. I then went back to my apartment and logged onto my account to make sure that no fraudulent activity had occurred.
  • PRAISE GOD! No fraudulent activity had taken place. I promptly called my bank, had the card locked, and then reported it lost.

So the “Whew!” comes from having lost a debit card and God protecting it (and me) from any fraudulent activity. Honestly, if the Holy Spirit hadn’t prompted me to do my online giving, I might not have realized that the card was lost until sometime tomorrow – and who knows what kind of criminal activity could have happened with my card between now and then?

That’s why these words from Jesus resonate so well with me now:


Jesus says it quite clearly: “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life.” To me, losing my debit card falls in the category of “everyday life,” so I made the choice not to worry about it and trust that God is firmly in control of the situation. And He worked everything out for my benefit!

Of course, it’s inconvenient to be without my debit card (I’ll get a temporary card), but inconvenience is a small price to pay compared to the other costly things that could have happened.

Here is my prayer for today: THANK YOU, GOD, for protecting my debit card – and my finances – today and always! Thank You for prompting me to do my online giving this evening, thereby allowing me to realize that my card was missing. Thank You also for allowing me to lock the card and report it stolen before any fraudulent activity had occurred. I am so very relieved! Thanks for always taking such good care of me. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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