God = 4 + Me

Today, I am grateful for the hope and assurance that I find in this passage from Psalm 118:

When life gets hard, it’s easy to focus our attention on our circumstances. However, if we can pause and remind ourselves of these three important statements, we can – with God’s help – begin to shift our perspective.

  1. “God is for me.” The Lord is our biggest cheerleader. His love for us is without measure! This is a statement of hope.
  2. “I will not be afraid.” These words reflect a choice that each of us can make – we can operate in faith and lean away from the fear that surrounds us, or we can do nothing and inevitably succumb to it. By opting to pivot away from our fear, we affirm our belief in the God who can do all things. This is a statement of faith.
  3. “What can man do to me?” In light of the first two statements, this question reveals an important shift in perspective that is available to all of us: moving away from a nearly paralyzing fear of the circumstances beyond our control, to a place of complete confidence in the sovereign God of the universe. This is a statement of trust.

Psalm 118:6 fills me with a confident hope, and I’m very grateful for it!

Here’s my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for this great verse out of Psalm 118. Thanks for giving me these three important reminders: 

  1. I am deeply loved by You; 
  2. Experiencing intermittent feelings of fear is natural and to be expected. Remaining afraid, however, is a choice;
  3. There is nothing that anyone can do to me that’s beyond the reach of Your powerful hand.

Thank You for these incredible promises that I can claim – and for the reminder that I can speak them back to You as I pray. These words of hope, faith, and trust bring tremendous comfort to me – I thank and praise You for them! In Your name I pray, Amen.

4 thoughts on “God = 4 + Me

  1. So important is our mediation and memorization of His Word, hidden in our hearts, written on our minds, and as you mention, that we speak to Him. This is what He wants to hear from us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts that we can all carry with us at all times. Have a blessed day.

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