On Track

So today I’m grateful for this fitness tracker that I received from a member of my family. This isn’t something that I would buy for myself, but I was very touched to receive it as a gift.

So the only way this thing is helpful to me as if I wear it every day. I can track how many steps I take, how many miles I walk, and even better understand my sleep patterns. However, if I don’t wear the device consistently, pay attention to what it says, and respond appropriately, then it won’t help me at all!

I must admit – remembering to put this thing on every day isn’t always convenient. However, I’m committed to wearing it consistently because I want to get an accurate and objective assessment of my health. The tracker does one thing really well: it gives unbiased information about my activity for the day (including my sleep patterns at night). The tracker doesn’t have the ability to be swayed – it just tells it like it is.

From what I can tell, the real power of this tracker is not in the information that it provides, but what I choose to do (or not do) in response to it. 

The spiritual parallels to how I use this device are striking, in my opinion. What about you? 

  • What helps you to stay on track and your spiritual life? Do you have something? 
  • Or more importantly, do you have Someone? 
  • If not, how are you tracking your spiritual growth and development? Or is this not a priority for you?

Here’s my prayer for today: Dear God, thank You for stirring a member of my family to such generosity. This fitness tracker is quite a nice gift, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it into my life.

Give me the wisdom is not only read the information that the tracker provides, but show me what it is You want me to do with it. Where lifestyle changes need to be made, please show me what those look like. 

Also, help me to recognize the significant spiritual parallels this tracking device. Thank You for being my spiritual “Tracker”; the Bible tells me the unadulterated truth, and Your Holy Spirit lets me know what changes are needed so that I am able to grow and mature. Thanks for keeping me on track! In Your name I pray, Amen. 

6 thoughts on “On Track

  1. Reading my Bible everyday is what keeps me on track and in check. Everyday the verses I read speak to something I am going through, or need to work on. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that minute but it never fails shortly after reading verses, what they are talking about comes up in my life.

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    1. I feel the same! I try not to be legalistic about it, but I feel like I need to be in the Bible every day for my own survival. Without fail, there is some special nugget that I can glean from the text that will help me – if not now, then in the future. If nothing else, making sure that I am receiving truth every day is so very important! We hear a lot of things in the world that seem like truth, but the only genuine source of truth comes from the Bible itself.

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      1. I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 Feeding our souls with His word is the best thing we can do each day. As you said the world is very deceiving and easily believable if we don’t have that Godly knowledge that the Bible gives us.

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      2. Every day!! I like to throw in a reading from Psalms and Proverbs, too. I feel like I can continue to read those books and never get to the bottom of them. There’s always some new truth about the Lord that is revealed in them.

        Truly, the Bible is a really exciting book!

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      3. Amen to that!!! I will read a verse I have read dozens of times and it will just become clear as a bell to me. I learn something new everyday from His word. That’s what keeps it so exciting, intriguing, amazing, miraculous…lol there are plenty more words to describe the miracle that is His Word.

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