Answered Prayer

Today, I am extremely thankful to God for answered prayer!

I found out recently that a dear friend of mine was in the hospital – in the ICU, actually, and the prognosis was not looking good. I was amazed at the stunning turn of events, as I just seen this individual only a day or two before, and there was no indication that anything was amiss.

I still don’t know the particulars of what happened, and I don’t need to know. Thank goodness for Facebook – that’s how I found out that this person was literally in a life-or-death situation (family members and friends posted updates, asking everyone to pray).

My heart was heavy. On one hand, I know that this friend is a devoted follower of Christ, so I know that the person does not fear death. On the other hand, I know that God has been using this individual in powerful ways, and I feel that there is still much more that the person has yet to do.

So, I decided to intercede on behalf of my friend. Understand that I’ve prayed for others before, but perhaps not in this way. I sat down and asked for the miraculous – I thought then, and I feel now that there is still much work that the Lord will have this person accomplish for the kingdom – but also prayed for God’s will to be done, remembering that God will be glorified either way.

I’ve been checking Facebook consistently, but had not seen any updates as of late. However, earlier today, I received an unexpected phone call from my friend!

However, because I was indisposed at the time, I wasn’t able to get to my phone until a few minutes later. I immediately called the number back to find out what happened. I ended up speaking to a member of this person’s family. 

Praise God! It looks like my friend is going to make a full recovery, and my understanding is that this person is no longer in the ICU. Apparently – even though I never knew the details of what happened – my friend felt prompted to let me know what was going on. My understanding is that this person is not yet able to communicate verbally, but apparently pointed to a mobile phone, found my name, and indicated that someone from the family should call me! That in itself is a miracle, in my opinion.

My friend felt that I should know that everything was going to be alright. That was such an incredible blessing to me! I thank God for this answered prayer, and feel privileged to have been able to join in with this person’s family, church family, and friends and ask God to intervene in a remarkable way. God clearly heard us, and responded powerfully.

Indeed, answered prayer is something for which we can always be thankful:

The Lord may not always answer our prayers right away, but sometimes He does! However, we are tasked with continuing to ask Him for our daily needs, even when we cannot discern a whole lot of movement or activity. I sensed in my spirit that my friend was fighting to hang on, and it sounds like I was right! I firmly believe that God still has a lot great things in store for this person, and I’m grateful that my friend is expected to make a full recovery.

My prayer today is a very simple one: Dear God, thank You for hearing me and for answering my prayer so quickly and decisively. I’m so grateful that You are sovereign over all aspects of life, which means that You have the ability to intervene in situations that seem completely impossible and turn them around. Thank You for doing this regarding my friend’s health. I pray for this person’s continued healing, and that You would use this experience to somehow bring greater glory to Yourself. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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