Building the House

I’m thankful for this verse from Proverbs 14, which reminds me of the importance of having a firm spiritual foundation upon which to build the “house” of my life:


I think it’s interesting that this particular verse is directed toward women. I really like that! It’s nice to have specific verses in Scripture that I can claim as a woman – one who is actively seeking God’s wisdom for her life.

This is my take on it:

  • As wise women, we are tasked with building our houses – from my view, creating lives of God-honoring meaning and purpose. The only way we can understand and apply God’s truth to our lives is if we know what His truth actually is, so we should have more than a passing familiarity with the principles found in the Bible.
  • If we fail to do this, then we will by default become the foolish woman, who tears her house down. I read this as a woman who either actively or passively indulges in destructive attitudes and behavior, by focusing her attention on how external influences (apart from God) define her.

Full disclosure here: I have been both women. Sometimes at the same time! I’m building my house in one area of my life, and tearing it down in another. It’s a choice that I need to make every day, to edify myself (literally, build myself up) by making wise choices, or invariably tear myself down, by seeking to do life my own way.

No doubt about it: This house-building is a tricky business.

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thank You for this extremely important verse in Proverbs 14. Please spur me on to build my house in accordance with Your plans, since I want my household to thrive!

However, when I seek to go my own way and follow some other plan (and this will invariably happen every now and then, because I’m not perfect), gently redirect me back to You – the Master Architect – and Your perfect spiritual “blueprints” for my life.

Help me to seek Your wisdom in all areas of my life (after all, who wants to be a fool?). In Your name I pray, Amen.


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