Tell It

I really love this passage. The Psalmist simply tells his story, testifying to what he’s seen and heard. The message is a powerful one, no?


I don’t have too much more to say about this Scripture, other than inviting you to take the time to review it carefully and prayerfully. There’s a lot of spiritual dynamite in these verses – promises we can claim, when we seek to do life God’s way.

Never underestimate the significance of your personal story – your own testimony. Remember that people are always watching; the scope of your influence – through your words, actions, and attitudes – may be greater than you will ever know. What we say and do is important, and God is likely using us to bless others when we don’t even realize it!

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, thank You for the privilege of sharing my story – to proclaim all of the great things You have done in my life. However, if I’m honest, I feel like my life has been a pretty tame one – no wild adventures to share or anything. Regardless, I’ll take this opportunity to recount what You’ve been up to in my life these past few months:

  • Life got really hard, really quickly, and the journey was rough. However, You’ve been bringing me out of this hard place, and have taught me some important life lessons along the way.
  • I now better appreciate the scope of my control issues and tendency toward perfectionism, and know that these things cannot and should not run my life. I’ll never be perfect this side of eternity, and almost everything I experience is outside the realm of my control. You, however, are perfect and are in total control of all things, so I’ve learned it’s best to leave things in Your hands.
  • I experienced a health scare last month, and You faithfully saw me through that time, too, with the support and well-wishes of some truly wonderful people. Thank You!
  • I’ve experienced Your divine provision – where manna just appeared quite unexpectedly out of nowhere. I receive this blessing as a reminder that You are firmly in control of all things, and can dramatically alter my circumstances simply because You say so.
  • I continue to enjoy the blessing of cooking classes, which are tremendous fun! I think I’ll be learning how to decorate cakes, next. 😉
  • You’ve brought some fantastic people into my life; I’m learning that as I seek to love You (and myself) in a more authentic way, You are bringing more and more like-minded (and like-hearted) people into my experience. This has been most refreshing!
  • You continue to surprise me in ways that I could never before imagine. You clearly are still very much in the blessing business! 😀

This is my recent testimony, and I am grateful to share it. I walk in faith and expect You to do great things in my life. Again, as I mentioned in my last post, this does not necessarily guarantee that all will turn out well, but it does mean that You will see my plans through to completion according to Your good purposes. For that reason alone, I am grateful. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

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