Today, I’m thankful for the way that God values everyone and everything that He has made – nothing is worthless in His sight. Indeed, when you cast your eye over the creation story in Genesis 1, God pronounced everything that He made as good! Put another way, the Lord isn’t in the business of making rubbish. He didn’t do it then, and He’s not about to start now.

So if everything that He makes has great value – the birds, the trees, the skies, and the people who enjoy these things. If this is true, then surely the things that we say, the ideas that form in our minds, and our attitudes are all important to God, too. After all, why on earth would He bother giving us intellect, reason, and emotions?

Of course, the value that the Lord places on His creation is not all the same. He loves and takes care of the sparrows, but He does not value them in the same way that He views us as human beings, fashioned in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). He loves and takes care of the fish and the ants, but does not – and cannot – enjoy heart and spirit fellowship with these creatures. I don’t know why the Lord made the world in this way, but He did.

He also formed the sun, moon, and stars. These are all magnificent celestial bodies, and they reflect the creative brilliance of the Lord. However, God cannot have a friendship with the sun, or enjoy sweet fellowship with the moon and the stars. These soulless, created things exist simply to serve God and accomplish His purposes, but they possess no independent will of their own.

So, if the Lord values people so deeply, and has such tremendous regard for us (since we are formed in His image), then He surely has distinctive opinions about our thought patterns,  speech, and behaviors. I guarantee it  – ask the Lord, “God, what do You think about this?” and wait and see – you’ll get some sort of answer or direction. Our God may be many things, but uninformed or lacking in opinions is not one of them.

Anyway, this takes me to the passage from Proverbs 21 today, which really resonates with me:


What we say has so much value to the Lord that He says that our speech – when it is characterized by godly wisdom and discernment – outvalues gold and rubies!

Do you know how valuable gold is??? Well, I’m glad that you asked!

  • Today, the price of an ounce of gold is US $1,258.30. That’s just for an ounce! I imagine that “much gold” is far more than an ounce; so I thought I’d look up the value of a kilo of gold. A kilo of gold is worth $40,455.25! That is some pricey stuff!
  • And what about the rubies mentioned in this verse? Well, according to my unofficial research (thank you, Google), rubies vary in value from US $300 to $15,000 per carat. So, by my calculations, I estimate that “many rubies” could easily include ten or so carats at minimum, so you’re looking at an amount upwards of $150,000.

So, according to my math, the following is true:

[“Much Gold” = $40,455.25 (kilo)] + [“Many Rubies” = $150,000 (10 karats)] = $190,455.25

And, roughly speaking, that is the minimum value in God’s eyes of what your wise speech means to Him (and to others).

Just something to think about. Also, let’s remember that God’s conception and definition of value (just like success, as I discussed in a previous post) look really different than the world’s view of it. The Bible indicates that wise speech is so precious and so beneficial to others that it is literally priceless.

So the next time you’re prepared to open your mouth and say something hasty and thoughtless, think again! Your words are valuable; what you say has the potential to be a source of great blessing and healing to those around you.

Some food for thought.

Dear Lord, what a wonderful concept to consider – that we are so precious and highly valued in Your eyes. If our wise speech is so highly regarded by You, I cannot even begin to fathom the favor and unrestrained positive regard that You have for Your children – it is staggering.

By the power of Your Holy Spirit, please help me to be careful about what I say, and be disciplined in my thought life, too. Remind me that every time I open my mouth to speak, I have the opportunity to share my precious gold and rubies with others, or to keep them to myself. Help me to be kind, benevolent, and discerning in my speech, and to be careful to behave in ways that honor You.

Of course, I’m not perfect, so occasionally, a cubic zirconia may slip out from time to time. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for loving me anyway, and for the reminder that Your love for me is not based upon anything that I say or do – You love me freely, passionately, and unguardedly – cubic zirconias and all. In Your name I pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Valuable

  1. Amen! Words can be the most rewarding or the most damaging. They are as powerful as anything. If you think about it, God never did anything, He said it and it was done, that’s powerful. He created us in His image so it makes sense that when we speak things, it makes things happen.

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