Through the Door

If I could present the Good News in one image, this would be it:

Today, I am thankful because, by God’s grace, I have walked through that door. In the same way that a lush beach vista differs from the arid landscape of a desert, so has my spiritual perspective radically changed through an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord.

Let’s be clear: The door itself doesn’t change the desert into a beach; rather, it shifts the way that I experience the desert of this broken world during the course of my lifetime. What formally was dry and barren is now teeming with life, peace, and opportunity! I’m still living in the same ‘ol desert, but I’m equipped with an eternal perspective that profoundly impacts how interact with the world.

You see, one day the desert will pass away, and all that will remain is what we see through that door. And while the desert no doubt feels very real to us, only what lies beyond the door is actually true – both now and in eternity.

Dear Lord, I thank You for taking the initiative to seek me, and for giving me the opportunity to walk through the door. I must admit – it’s really hard sometimes to still live in this dry and unsatisfying desert – but I’m grateful for the immeasureably wonderful things that lie beyond the door, eternally speaking. 

In the meantime, help me to focus on Your truth, rather than on my own feelings, perceptions, and shifting circumstances. Thank You so much for saving me! In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

7 thoughts on “Through the Door

  1. What a wonderful, beautiful perspective!
    I love the image illustrating your post and love, love, love your elaboration. I add my grateful thanks to yours and echo your prayer. Thank you for sharing.

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