Keep Smiling

So I recently ordered a necklace online, and was so excited when it arrived! It was a simple silver chain with an anchor on it – the anchor has become a life symbol of sorts for me – and I eagerly put it on. However, much to my dismay, the clasp dislodged itself and the necklace fell away from my neck without my realizing it until much later. I had barely owned the item for twenty-four hours!

So I decided to appeal to the good nature of the company’s customer service department, and explained my predicament to one of the representatives via chat. I informed the individual that I wasn’t able to return the item because it was lost, and expressed my disappointment that the necklace clasp had dislodged itself so readily.

The representative was very empathetic. Within a few minutes, I was notified that a replacement necklace would be sent to me at no cost, and that I could expect its arrival on Monday. This was a far better result than I ever anticipated!

Naturally, I thanked the customer service representative sincerely for the quick resolution to my dilemma. The representative’s response was brief, but touched me in a surprisingly poignant way:

Before I had the opportunity to respond to this unexpected benediction, the representative logged off, apparently never to be heard from again. Quickly, before the chat session expired, I took a screenshot of the person’s comment and saved it to my iPhone.

Have a wonderful day ahead and keep smiling. What a delightfully pleasant and kind thing to say to someone you don’t even know! The comment really brightened my mood – although I was already feeling pretty good, since my necklace was being replaced. 😉

So, I thought I would take the opportunity to pay this blessing forward to you all. I extend the well-wishes of the necklace company’s customer service agent to you: 

Have a wonderful day ahead and keep smiling!

Dear God, thank You for this unexpected reminder that there are really kind and thoughtful people in the world. Strangers show kindnesses to one another every day, and it truly was a blessing to be on the receiving end of this person’s thoughtfulness.

Help me to remember to extend a kind and thoughtful word to someone I may not know well from time to time. After all, I may never fully realize the extent to which my words may impact those around me for their good and Your glory! 

(Also, thank You for replacing my necklace at no additional cost to me. That development was worth a hearty “hallelujah” by itself!)

In Your name I pray, Amen.

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