The Warrior Who Saves

This is one my favorite verses in the Bible:

We have a mighty Warrior who does the following:

  • He saves us;
  • And protects us;
  • He rejoices over us – with joy!
  • He pardons our sin; and
  • He continues to rejoice over us with joyful exclamation.

God sure seems to be plenty excited about little ‘ol me! And if the Lord is that animated about me, then how much more should I delight in His presence?

Dear Lord, for reasons I’ll never fully understand, You take complete and total delight in me. You are the one who always takes the initiative, and I am the one who responds. Thanks maar never letting me go, and for driving me back to You when the cares of this world overwhelm me.

Thank You for being the Warrior who saves.

In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

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