Why We Love

If you love anyone or anything in your life, there is a reason. The emotion that you feel is God-given, and your ability to express it to those around you is also a gift from the Lord. Consider what the Bible says about this:

What a gift it is to be able to love someone. Often, such an experience opens us up to the very real possibility of hurt and rejection, but love – done God’s way – truly is beautiful thing. I am awed that the ability I have able to love my family, my friends, and others in my life is because of the incredible abundance of love that God has for me. And the reason that I am able to experience and receive love from others is because God loved me first, and loves me still.

Let that sink in for awhile. Love truly is a gift. Actually, let me qualify that statement: true biblical love – a sincere expression to others of the Holy Spirit’s presence within us – is a gift. 

Alternatively, love that is defined and exercised according to the world’s standards (focusing on my needs, my wants, and my desires) is always destined to fail. It may gratify in the short term, but it will never satisfy us in the long-run.

So, the next time you stop and say “I love you” someone, remember that God is the One who enables you to feel this way. And bring to mind the measurable love and tenderness that He feels for you!

Dear Lord, I thank You for loving me so abundantly and so completely. Because of Your love for me, I am able to express that love to others. Also, because if Your tender heart for me, I am able to receive love from others. This is an incredible blessing.

Thank you for loving me first and always. In Your name I pray, Amen.

6 thoughts on “Why We Love

  1. Lovely! With the gift of love for our family and friends, God hopes we will be able to share this love with all others (even, and especially, those we don’t like or from whom we feel ‘separate’!!!) That’s a biggie, isn’t it! A daily endeavour. Thank you for this great post. Anita.

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