He Will Never Fail You

This verse encourages me when I’m going through the difficult seasons in my life. Suffering will come, but what matters most to God is how we persevere in the midst of our trials. Will we choose to trust Him? Or will we instead attempt to “fix things” ourselves? 

Dear Lord, I thank and praise You for the fact that You have never failed me. I may not always understand what You’re doing or why You allow certain things to happen in my life, but I can remember Your character and recall that You are 100% trustworthy.

Unfortunately, suffering is a part of life in this sin-soaked world, but through the power of your Holy Spirit, we are able to “suffer well” – by placing our hope and trust in You. Thank You for never failing me! In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

6 thoughts on “He Will Never Fail You

  1. Amen, and being thankful in those “tough” times. Hardest thing for me to do was get through my thick head to be thankful in ALL things. Easy to be thankful when things are going my way, pleases God when I’m are thankful when things aren’t going my way. Shows Him that I know He is fighting for me, and that we have faith and hope in Him.

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