[Lee’s birdwatching blog inspired me today. This is the first time that my featured image includes a bird – a little sparrow, I hope!]

Sometimes, it boggles my mind the extent to which the Lord is keenly aware of everything and everyone in the universe. There is nothing that escapes the mind of God!

This passage from Luke 12 affirms this truth in my mind:


The words that really jump at me are these:

Don’t be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.

Not only does God take care of each sparrow’s need – and if you think about this for too long, your brain will start to hurt – He also is profoundly aware of the small eventualities of my life. Consider the following:

  • I awoke in the middle of the night with some fairly intense neck/shoulder/arm pain – a re-triggering of a prior injury. I had to cancel some of my plans for the day, and try to see if I could get an emergency appointment to see my physical therapist (PT).
  • However, my PT only works on Mondays and Fridays. So, when I called the office, I asked to be referred to another PT. You have to understand that this is a really big deal to me, since I’ve only really ever had the one PT for the past several years or so. The pain was that intense.
  • Much to my surprise, the person from the PT office told me, “Oh, your PT is in the office today. She decided not to work on Monday, and is in the office today, even though it’s not her usual day. She has an available appointment at 4:00 p.m. today. Would you like to see her?”
  • Of course, my response was an immediate and effusive YES and I saw her this afternoon. Sure enough, the pain that i was experiencing was largely self-induced.  Since I was starting to feel better last week; armed with my newfound energy, I definitely overdid things with my exercise on Saturday and on Monday (I took two back-to-back classes). I was duly admonished by my PT when she heard about this new development, and informed me that it was okay to exercise, but I need to be really careful. Just because I feel alright while I’m exercising doesn’t necessarily mean that my body will feel good later – a sad truth I encountered this week. 😦
  • I was partly frustrated by this, because others are able to take two back-to-back classes, and I wanted to be able to do it, too. However, my PT reminded me of something important: These people don’t likely have the injuries that I have sustained, and so I need to be mindful of the choices that I make with my body and take better care of it.
  • She also made another important point: She looked me in the eye and said, “Daily [not my real name, obviously, but you get the point], I think you took these two classes in one day because you like them, but not necessarily because you needed to take them. You would have been fine simply taking one class per day – why didn’t you just do that?”

It’s a crying shame when the Holy Spirit uses your PT to convict you of something, but that’s what happened. I was grateful that He provided for my needs – ensuring that I could be seen by my PT in a miraculous way – but He also had a message for me, too: “Don’t overdo this, missy. You can’t even blame the enemy/spiritual warfare for this one! This is all you.”

So, while I’m still waiting for God to work out some other major areas of my life, I am assured that He is still taking care of the little sparrows in my life. He made sure that I saw my PT today, and He also let me know that He wants me to be a better steward of my health. After all, anything taken to excess – even good things, like exercising – can develop into a really bad habit.

Dear Lord, thank You first and foremost for miraculously giving me an appointment to see my PT today. I am so grateful for her, and while she doesn’t have a relationship with You, I am grateful for her, and I ask that You would work in her life so that a desire to know and follow You is sparked within her.

Thanks also for the conviction about being a better steward of my health and body. Just because, in the moment, I want to do something, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a prudent course of action. Help me to seek a life of balance and pay better attention to my body’s signals, rather than pushing myself to do more than I should (and thereby increasing the likelihood of further pain and re-injury).

Most of all, I thank You for valuing me more than the sparrows. Let’s be clear: You care about them, too, but Your love and tenderness for me far exceeds Your compassionate regard for them. Thank You for loving me so intimately and deeply. In Your name I pray, Amen.

PS – Also, I’ve made a couple of small blog-related changes in the past day or two:

  1. After much prayer and contemplation, this blog has a new URL: I’ve been praying about this for about six months, but only had peace to move forward with the domain selection this week.
  2. Also, this blog now has an email address: hello at dailythankful dot org. No spam please! I’m not always super fast with email, but I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can.

7 thoughts on “Sparrows

  1. See, this is why I love your post. You see the miracles God preforms in your life and you give Him the glory and the thanks for it. it wasn’t a coincidence, that all these things fell into place. Those are all Divine nudges that the Good Lord gives us. Thank you for always being faithful to Him, and sharing with us because it is a blessing to see the blessings that God gives to our brothers and sisters! Reminders, that He is in control.

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    1. Thank you! He gave me a couple of extra nudges on Thursday, too: I thought I had lost my purae at a restaurant, but it was found; and I had to go to Home Depot 😮 and I usually feel terrified when I am there (I am not a DIY gal and I find the place overwhelming). Anyway, the Lord sent a kind cashier who walked me over to where I needed to go to find the item I needed for my kitchen. I was so very grateful for her! God is always in the small things, because everything seems “small” to Him! 😉

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