Family Time

Today was a good day.

In addition to it being Father’s Day (here in the United States,  anyway), today was also my brother’s birthday. There was much joy and merriment all around.

You’ll have to pardon me as I chronicle the events of the day:

  • I called my Dad, who lives on the East Coast, to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. I took the time to let him know how much he means to me, and that I thank God for his presence in my life.
  • Later, I met up with my Mom, brother, and stepdad to celebrate my brother’s birthday and Father’s Day. My Mom asked my brother what sort of birthday meal he wanted; he declared that he wanted to have a birthday brunch, so that is what we enjoyed.
  • The four of us sat around the table and simply chatted – no TV, mobile devices, or other distractions to interrupt our meal time (by the way, my stepdad prayed the quickest blessing on a meal that I’ve ever heard – short of “Jesus wept” – because stomachs were rumbling, but I know that the Lord appreciated the shout-out all the same) 😉 The conversation was wide-ranging, and everyone’s mood was quite buoyant.
  • Later, my Dad reached out to me and said he and my stepmom wanted to have a FaceTime chat with me. Given the distance between us, I haven’t actually seen my Dad in person for several years, but it was nice to connect with him (and my stepmom) “screen-to-screen”. My Dad took me on a virtual of his backyard – he and my stepmom have been working hard at the DIY/home improvement thing, and even though the camera was quite shaky at times, it was nice to get a sense of what their backyard looks like. We plan on scheduling another couple of FaceTime chats, so I can also look at the front yard as well as the interior of the house.
  • Before my brother needed to head back home – he lives about an hour away from us – my mother and I decided to regale him with a stirring rendition of the birthday song. So, we sang to him a cappella. My mother, now ever-conscious of the power of social media, declared, “Daily, let’s sing it again, and your brother can record it. Then, he can post our recording on Facebook.” I told her that I didn’t think it was possible to upload audio recordings to Facebook at this point in time, but she was determined to proceed, so we sang to him again in our two-part harmony. However, this time, my brother chimed in with his baritone accompaniment. I had a hard time keeping a straight face throughout the whole song, but somehow I made it through – there was much laughter all around!
  • We then took my brother to the train station. When I returned to my mother’s house, we both agreed that we were tired and needed to rest (did I mention that the temperature was well over 100F today? I’m not sure how that translates to those of you who live in the world of Celsius and Centigrade, but suffice it to say, it was incredibly hot today). So I headed back to my apartment to enjoy a relaxing evening, and that’s just what I’ve done.

So, as I mentioned, we had a good day! God has been good to our family.

However, all of us have struggled with some sort of major crisis in the not-too-distant past. It is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness that the four of us – my mother, brother, stepfather, and I – were able to enjoy such sweet fellowship today.

Also, what a blessing it was to have seen my father and stepmother today! At some point, I hope to be able to travel out their way and connect with them in person, but in the meantime, FaceTime seems to work well.

Family time is important. Whether your family is comprised of people biologically related to you or not is irrelevant – the question is whether or not you love these people (friends, classmates, church buddies, etc.), and if they love you, too. If the answer is “yes” to both questions, then strive to spend as much quality time with your loved ones as you can, for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.


Dear Lord, thank You for giving me such a delightful day with my family! My heart is full. I am grateful for my mother, brother, father, stepfather, and stepmother, and am amazed at the way that You have woven these relationships together such that Your love, peace, and joy abound.

Truly, this is the day that You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! In Your name I pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. What a blessing 🙂 Me and my mom talk about “family” all the time and how every one is our family. She is my mother and I am her daughter but we are also sisters because God is both our Father, hence we are sisters, and every one we see is our siblings 🙂 This reminded me of that.

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