I am committed to telling the truth (that is, not lying or intentionally deceiving someone). This takes conscious effort, but with time, truth-telling starts to feel pretty natural, and becomes a bit more effortless, too.

After all, if you look around us, people are lying to us. All the time! Television advertisements deceive us into thinking that if we wear a certain brand of clothing, then we’ll be happy and successful. There are also lies of omission – when we don’t say something when we should – and that is the one I honestly struggle with more than the  “I’m going to lie to you straight to your face” situation.

I’m here to tell you that if you are committed to this resolve, then you will be tested. It’s simply a matter of time.

Consider what happened to me today. Without going into detail, I found myself in a situation where, practically speaking,  it was in my best interest with withhold a small piece of information from another person. However, i quickly realized that just because such an action would be in my personal interest didn’t necessarily mean that I had any experienced any peace about the decision (and I hadn’t). I also couldn’t rationalize the decision in my soul, either.

So I did the seemingly crazy thing – according to the world’s standards, anyway – and I shared the piece of information with the other person, even though I knew that doing so would cost me dearly.

And it did. Based on the decision I made, I missed out on something that certainly would have been helpful to me. Understand that I did not do anything wrong – and I could have left off this small detail and the other person would have been none-the-wiser – but in the eyes of God, it was wrong. So I decided to side with God and do things His way, and trust that He will honor the choice I made today at some future point.

But I definitely lost out today, practically speaking, and of course, it stings a bit. Even the Bible has something to say about this phenomenon:


Painful. Very much so. But honesty is still right, so I’m going to do what Dr. Charles Stanley recommends: “Obey God, and leave all of the consequences to Him.”

Dear Lord, thank You for reminding me of the importance of truth telling – particularly when doing so is challenging. It would have been so easy today to withhold the small piece of information from the other person today, but doing so would have grieved Your heart (and I certainly had no peace about intentionally misleading another person, no matter how small the issue seemed to be). I trust that, in Your economy, You will turn this situation around so that it works out for my good and Your glory – now, and in the future, too. Thanks for hearing my prayer. In Your name I pray, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Honest

  1. God Bless you and He will. You could have left off that one detail, and it would have cost you nothing TODAY, but down the road it would have cost you. And you may have lost out TODAY but God will reward you ten times over down the road. Now when all the blessings start rolling in, you will know this is part of the reason why 🙂

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