Unexpected Turn of Events

So I had my day all mapped out, and was proceeding according to that plan. That is, until I got quite a surprise in the afternoon:

  • I started my car, and a bizarre groaning noise emanated from the hood. I noted the unusual sound, but otherwise kept going.
  • I stopped at the gas station, and again noticed that my car made the odd noise when I restarted the vehicle. I made a mental note to reach out to the service consultant who takes care of my car (he’s also a dear friend) and ask him about it later.
  • I drove home, and parked my car in its usual spot. All of a sudden, I saw what looked like smoke coming from the hood, and I thought to myself, “This is not good!”
  • The person/friend who services my car does not work on Mondays, but I texted him anyway, and he encouraged me to take the car into the nearest dealership right away .
  • I called the dealership, and the person on the phone encouraged me to check my “fluid levels”. I let the service consultant – a female, which is the first time I’ve had this experience – know that I don’t generally open the hood of my car, and no, I wouldn’t be able to check my fluid levels. After cautioning me that the car could possibly “catch on fire” 😮 in the event of an oil leak, I prayerfully drove my car the short distance (around a fifth of a mile)  to the dealership.
  • I then discovered that the person who usually helps me at the dealership retired, so I had to go with another person, but she was very helpful. She listened to my car, and then deduced that my power steering fluid was leaking (whatever that is!).
  • Since it was late in the day, she wasn’t able to put me in a loaner car, so the consultant arranged for me to be placed in an inexpensive rental car. I was then shuttled to the rental car place and struggled to decide between a candy apple red Dodge Dart (not my color), or some version of a minivan. Neither option appealed to me, and I silently asked the Lord to give me another option. Suddenly, a Jeep Patriot – a smaller version of the Jeep Cherokee, I believe – appeared, and I decided to go with that car.
  • Or should I say “truck”. A Jeep certainly handles differently than a sedan does, but I’m nonetheless grateful to have the means to get around while my car is being repaired.

Why do I share all of this? Simple. You just don’t know how your day is going to go. You may think that you have a good idea, but in reality, anything could happen.

I’m grateful for the following:

  • When my car was billowing out what I now understand to be steam, that I was at home, in remarkably close proximity to the car repair shop.
  • That this happened on a weekday, and not on a Sunday, when the service department would have otherwise been closed.
  • That the new service consultant was available and could see me right away.
  • That – after conferring with my father and exchanging a text or two with the man who usually looks after my car – it was unlikely that my car was going to “catch fire,” and that it was likely an issue with the car’s fluids leaking somewhere.
  • That when I drove to the service department, my car was fine (you know I prayed over it anyway), and that I was able to get into a rental car before the company closed for the day.
  • That I wasn’t forced to drive the bright red Dodge Dart or the minivan, and that even though the Jeep is huge and makes me feel like I’m steering a tank, it is neither bright red nor makes me look like I’m driving to the baseball diamond to pick up the entire Little League baseball team in my van.
  • That all of this happened and I felt no stress – none, at all.
  • That all of this transpired and I was still able to make it to church this evening for a meeting (thankfully, a friend offered to drive me – I wasn’t feeling too excited about driving the big Jeep at night)
  • That, by God’s grace, the car issue will be resolved in a day or so, and I’ll have my lovely midsize sedan back again soon.

You may think that your day is going to play out one way, but be on the alert! Surprises happen all the time, and it is wise to go with the flow when such events unfold. Mercifully, God worked out all of the details for me today. After all, what good would worrying about anything have done for me?

Dear Lord, thank You for showing up so clearly for me today. Thanks for keeping me safe, and for arranging the events of the day so that I wasn’t far away, by myself, or traveling at night when this issue with my car arose. Thanks also for all of the kind people You raised up during the course of the day to take care of me and my car. Please also place a hedge of protection around me (and the Jeep) as I drive it, because You know that I’m don’t generally like dealing with big vehicles (trucks/SUVs).

Thanks so much for providentially meeting all of my needs today! In Your name I pray, Amen.

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