So today was the second consecutive day where I thought I had my day all mapped out, and the Lord intervened and reorganized my schedule in a pretty decisive way. I’m starting to get the impression that He wants me to remain “interruptible”.

The image that comes to mind for me is that of a Rubik’s Cube. It’s as if at the start of each day, I try to have as many of the colors in my life lined up on one side of the Cube as possible, and then the Lord steps in and starts shifting the colored tiles around. By the end of the day, the Rubik’s Cube is all jumbled, and I can’t see how to get it back to the way I had it at the start of the day.

But I suppose that isn’t really the point, is it? It’s not up to me to undo the Rubik’s Cube of my life. After all, what if I am supposed to keep myself open and available to whatever the Lord has planned for the day, and trust that – at some point, likely on the other side of eternity – all of the colors will eventually line up again? And that it’s not my job to get all of the yellows, oranges, reds, and blues to stay in their proper spots (from my perspective) as long as I’m on this earth?


I mean seriously. I had my day mapped out. Thought that my car would be fixed (it wasn’t), that I’d keep the plans I originally had for the morning (I didn’t); that I’d take care of a medical appointment later on in the week (it ended up happening today); and – you know what? – it’s like God totally cleared the runway of my schedule today for me to take care of something that seemed really quite small to me.

But this has happened to me twice in less than a week’s time, so I think this life lesson is important. What seems small to me is often big stuff to God, and the stuff that seems so big to me is often small potatoes to the Lord.

So what did I do? I obeyed and completed the rather ordinary task that He put before me. It wasn’t anything terribly spiritual in my eyes – it was pretty mundane, if you ask me – but I suppose the point was my obedience, and not the relative excitement of the task itself.

So I am thankful today because I sense that the Lord is clearly trying to remind me to remain interruptible = to hold my schedule loosely (even though I live by my calendar) and when it seems like the colored tiles are shifting in my life, to trust that He’s at work for some good purpose. 🙂

Dear Jesus, thanks for giving me this image of the Rubik’s Cube. It helps me to understand an important truth that I believe You are trying to impart to me. You know all about my control issues, so the idea of just letting things go and being interruptible is not one that naturally occurs to me. Help me to surrender my schedule to You each day, and to let go of the plans that I’ve made – even if they seem like good ones! – and trust that You are shifting the colored tiles of my life for a reason. Remind me to remain obedient to You, even (especially?) when doing so doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. In Your name I pray, Amen.


8 thoughts on “Interruptible

  1. I have learned the hard way to pray: Not my will be Thy will be done my Lord.
    So many times the Lord has turned my day and life topsy turvy.
    So many times I laugh at the humourous way He guides me. Our Heavenly Father truly has an awesome sense of humour.

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  2. This is such a great example of how God maneuvers our daily lives. We never know what purpose it’s for. Maybe to teach you to be pliable, or obideience, or that small mundane thing might be exponential in His scheme of things, maybe a journey in your direction would lead to something catostrophic for you or others, maybe it was to see your reaction to what you saw as a disruption. Would you get frustrated or glory in His changes for your day. We never know but what we do know is that He is in control, protects us and fights for us daily. You were a good child and did what He wanted, that will reap rewards. Sorry for the long comment 🙂

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    1. You never need to apologize, Margaret! You could write out the alphabet in the comments section of my blog and I’d still be blessed. 😀 Yes, I feel like the big lesson for me here is to simply be available to be interrupted. As I wait for answers to some of the big issues in my life, I feel like the Lord wants me to simply go about my day, but to hold my plans loosely, as He clearly steps in with the spiritual veto from time to time and change things. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to understand or anticipate how God will act, but I’m starting to better comprehend (I think) certain aspects of His character.

      For example, starting this blog was a response to something He placed in my spirit. At the time, doing a daily gratitude and prayer blog didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. However, I’ve been so blessed by everyone I’ve been privileged to meet here! And I’ve really experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in many of the posts I’ve read here on WordPress. Clearly, God knows what He’s doing. 🙂

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