All Our Days

I just found out today that a classmate from college passed away unexpectedly. I don’t have any details, but he was still on the young side, from my perspective (he was probably six years or so older than me – he graduated several years ahead of me). From what I’ve come to understand, he died from natural causes.

In light of this development, I am reminded that life on this earth really is quite fleeting. Every morning that I open my eyes, it is an important reminder (to me, anyway), that God isn’t through with me yet, and that each day is meant to be treasured.

I like how the psalmist (Moses) puts it in this verse from Psalm 90:


The words that stick out to me are these: “all our days”.

See, God already knows the number of days accounted to each one of us, so nothing every surprises Him. So, when my classmate died unexpectedly, those of us left behind were staggered and deeply saddened, but the Lord knew that all of his days had been completed. I do not know for sure if he was a Christian, but I believe that He knew the Lord, so my hope is that He is now spending the balance of his eternal days in the presence of Jesus.

Anyway, this verse reminds me to be satisfied each day simply with the love of the Lord, and to find contentment from whatever measure of time God has allotted to each of us on this earth. I suppose I become dissatisfied – or at least I do, anyway – when I start “anxiously looking about” me (Isaiah 41:10), and focusing on what it is that I lack. This is a surefire recipe for dissatisfaction, joylessness, and unhappiness.

So I am thankful today because, if  I understand this verse rightly, God gives us all that we need each day to be satisfied and content. I simply have to learn to ask for it straight off in the morning, as the verse recommends.

Dear Lord, I confess to You that more often than I’d like to admit, I am discontented, joyless, and focused on what I lack. Forgive me for this selfishness. Instead, remind me to direct my attention to You each morning, asking for the portion of joy and gladness that You promise for all of Your children. It doesn’t mean that I’ll feel happy 100% of the time – even Jesus did not feel that way, when He walked the earth! We all experience burdens, losses, and other struggles – but it does mean that there is a spiritual reservoir of power and endurance on which I can draw each day, rather than relying on my own efforts.

Thank You also for carefully measuring out “all of our days”. I am grateful that You allowed me to make it through another day, and – by Your grace – I hope to see another day to completion tomorrow. In Your name I pray, Amen.

4 thoughts on “All Our Days

  1. I get frustrated or discontented, several times a day, it seems, and when I catch it I start by asking the Lord to forgive me for being ungrateful for all He has done for me, today and always. Then I start thanking Him for everything I can think of. He is so quick to rescue me. This post today is very humbling 🙂

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    1. I thought of this comment when I was going about my day today – thank you for sharing it! I’m going to try to do this more often, when I feel the discontentment starting to mount in my heart. This is a great strategy!

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