Heartfelt Praise

Many thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Pete Gardner, for reminding me of the importance of having a heart of praise for the Lord. I was really blessed by visiting Pete’s YouTube channel, and sang and clapped along with him (as best I could) as he offered his heartfelt praise to the Lord. I would encourage you to pop over to his YouTube channel (if you visit Pete’s blog, I’m sure he’ll share the URL with you), and I truly believe that the Lord will touch your heart, too.

As I watched the videos, I’m reminded that we can offer a heart of praise to God at any time in our lives – even (especially?) when things are difficult and uncertain. And usually, in my experience, I feel a change in my mood and spirit after engaging in heartfelt praise. I have to ask myself: Why don’t I do it more often?

This verse comes to mind:


Dear Lord, thank You for speaking to me through Pete’s songs this evening. I ask You to place a new song of praise to You in my heart, regardless of my circumstances. As is evidenced by this passage from Psalm 40, our praise (whether we choose to literally sing, speak words of praise to You, or express our heart toward You in other ways – like art, music, etc.) is powerful and effective, and potentially has eternal consequences.

What a privilege! May I remember to enter into this spirit with greater frequency and sincerity. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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