Fullness of Spirit

Today, I’m grateful for the Barnabas-like people in my life – the folks who bless others simply by their mere presence. The love of the Lord just seems to pour out of them, you know?


Just like Barnabas in the Bible, the behavior of these kind souls is generally characterized by the following:

  • They recognize when the Lord is at work;
  • Consequently, they are filled with joy, and
  • Encourage others in their faith.

Why? These verses from Acts 11 help to provide an explanation.

  • They are good people, who are
  • Full of the Holy Spirit, and show evidence of
  • Great faith.

In my experience, such people almost always bring the blessing and peace of the Lord wherever they go. I am indeed fortunate to have a handful of Barnabas-type people in my life, and I am so very grateful for them! They are a gift.

I encourage you to take inventory of the people in your life – and if you come across a Barnabas, treasure that person, for he or she truly is a blessing from the Lord.

Dear God, thank You for the Barnabases in my life. They have such a sincere heart for You, and I experience Your love through them whenever I am in their presence.

Please work in my life in such a way where I can be a Barnabas to someone else.

In Your name I pray, Amen.

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