Our GPS System

Do you know that we have a GPS system already built into us? The Lord placed it within us when we were first created, and all that we have to do to activate it is to ask Him. Once it is switched on, it never turns off; however, we sometimes get distracted by other things that often drown out the divine guidance that we’re being given.

I call this system “God’s GPS,” and it is briefly explained in this excerpt from Psalm 1.

So, those of us who are followers of Christ and are intentionally seeking His will for our lives can expect the following:

  • Guidance. The Lord promises to direct our steps, and show us the way we are to go. Sometimes, the path isn’t always clear – and on occasion, it leads to bewildering places that can look an awful lot like like dead ends – but eventually, the way forward will become evident.
  • Protection. God promises to protect His children – He goes before us, and clears the way for us to follow in His footsteps. This does not mean that we will not experience pain or suffering in our lifetimes, but we can trust that God in His wisdom has only permitted that which will ultimately serve for our good and His glory. I’ve experienced some very painful things in the not-too-distant past, but when I look back on them, I can see how God either delivered me out of a very stressful situation, or used the difficulty to reveal an area of my life that needed healing and restoration.
  • Sustenance. God promises to sustain us in all phases and seasons of our lives. If you read the rest of Psalm 1, you understand God’s commitment to take care of the righteous; it also is evident what consequences are in store for the wicked, when they willfully violate the Lord’s decrees.

So there you have it: God’s GPS system – guidance, protection, and sustenance – for all of His children, which is available to us at any time. What a gift the Holy Spirit is to us!

Dear Lord, thank You for Your Holy Spirit – our Divine GPS system – who is available to guide us every step of the way, if only we will ask You. Thank You for always being available to me at any time, and for Your willingness to reveal what my next step should be in practically any situation. 

More often than not, though, faith requires me to make decisions based on the principles articulated in the Bible (and confirmed by wise and discerning fellow believers), and trust that You will let me know if what I am doing is out of step with Your plans and purposes. If I am way off, I can rest in the assurance that You will redirect my path (“recalculating…”) and get me headed back in the right direction.

Thank You for Your faithful guidance, protection, and sustenance in my life. Truly, I would be lost without You! In Your name I pray, Amen.

8 thoughts on “Our GPS System

    1. Very true and wise words, Joseph. It’s still a struggle, though, as our flesh constantly wars with the Spirit of God within us! However, God’s way is always best, even when it makes no sense to our feeble minds!


    1. I experienced it just today. Was feeling discouraged about some small thing, but instead of wallowing in it, decided to turn to the GPS and “recalculate” my approach. I have some prayers recorded on my phone, so I listened to those and also listened to a couple of worship songs. Suddenly, my focus was redirected and I suddenly knew what my next step needed to be. Thank you, GPS!!

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